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The Beat: Thadayus Wilson

If you’re looking for the hottest up and coming artists in Seattle’s queer music scene, then look no further than The Beat, hosted by CarLarans. This week we’re joined by makeup artist, songwriter, and lead singer for Thadayus & The Electrofunks, Thadayus Wilson.

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The Beat: Adé

We’re back with The Beat, hosted by CarLarans, your home for the hottest rising stars in Seattle’s queer music scene. This week we’re joined by legendary singer, actor, model, curator, and producer Adé!

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The Beat: Da Qween

It’s The Beat, your destination for talent on the rise right here in Seattle’s queer music scene. Join us as we welcome a performer with raw flows, honest delivery, and bars more solid than the foundation to your house, Da Qween!

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The Beat: Chamel Simmons

Lock the doors, lower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels honey, because we’ve got the best uncensored, unadulterated, and unfiltered queer music Seattle has to offer. Join host CarLarans as they welcome Seattle’s very own Chamel Simmons, y’all!

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