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Seattle is Looking for Murray Bartlett

Murray Bartlett, star of HBO’s Looking, will be invading Seattle’s Capitol Hill on Friday, Jan 9 as he live tweets from local businesses to promote the premiere of his hit show. Fans of Bartlett can catch him at such locations as Gay City, Babeland, Cupcake Royale, Barrio, Atomic Cosmetics, and Tru Love Art Gallery, where he’ll be tweeting as @3DollarBillCine.

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Jennifer Hale: The Interview with Commander Shepard

I’m not Commander Shepard, but this is my favorite interview on the internet. Unless you’re a video game geek connoisseur, you may not know the name Jennifer Hale. You probably know her work, however, as she’s lent her voice to a plethora of the most popular video games, including Metal Gear Solid, Bioshock: Infinite: Diablo 3, and Mass Effect.

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