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HEYO Interview Series: Stasia Coup

Queerspace Magazine, in partnership with Lifelong, presents the HEYO Interview Series, filmed live at the Big Queer Talent Show at Seattle’s Vera Project. In this episode, your host Lilith welcomes trans masculine drag artist Stasia Coup, who talks about his preference for a beautiful, gentle, artistic masculinity and how the art of drag allows him to also portray his feminine side.

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Trans and Nonbinary Actors in Trans and Nonbinary Roles

Recent strides, and stumbles, in the of area queer representation in media have again put a spotlight on the question of who are the most appropriate people to play the roles of trans and nonbinary characters in TV and movies. While cisgender actors have frequently been used to play trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming roles, their lack of perspective when it comes to dealing with questioning gender, combined with the serious lack of roles like that to audition for, point to the need for more opportunities for trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people to be able to tell their own stories – like these three actors, who have been making a big splash taking on the roles of trans and nonbinary characters.

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HEYO Interview Series: Ebo Barton

Queerspace Magazine, in partnership with Lifelong, presents the HEYO Interview Series, filmed live at the Big Queer Talent Show at Seattle’s Vera Project. In this episode, your host Lilith welcomes trans poet and spoken word performer Ebo Barton, who talks about dealing with family while coming out and the struggles of being queer and trans in the Navy.

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Nightshots: Catharsis

Audience members at The Timbre Room witnessed five artists performing acts of radical self love. The artists were challenged to pull back the curtains on the emotional trauma that inspired their performances. Hosts Lillith and Stasia Coup, along with dance performers The Drama Tops, burlesque artist Britt Brutality, and drag artist Angel Baby Kill Kill Kill each gave us their artistic interpretations of a broken heart, followed by a short, intimate conversation on stage about just what makes their broken hearts tick.

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Throwing Tomatoes at the Big Gay Void: Who Cares!

Smutty and salacious comic Woody Shticks has baked all his best cookies for a new show Who Cares! and fully expects you to, well, not care. Members of the audience will be given tomatoes they can throw onstage at any time, telling him to skip to the next bit. “It’s like if you’re watching a Netflix thing you can just skip the intro, skip this thing, skip this thing,” Woody explained. “Either audiences skip every piece of the show – and then the show is 20 minutes – or the opposite is true where nobody skips anything because they’re too scared to do it.”

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Shedding a Positive Light on the Trans Experience

Thriving While Trans: A Love Manual is a literary project with two heads. One is an upcoming multi-genre performance event. It will feature a number of different trans writers, dancers, and songwriters. The other is an anthology of writings, a copy of which comes with admission to the performances. Both the writings and performances focus on personal stories of trans thriving and resilience.

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Outstanding Round 1: Chocolate the Entertainer & Genevieve Ferrari

What do you get when a dozen of the PNW’s best queer comics compete for some serious cash prize money? It’s the Outstanding: Queer Comic Competition, hosted by Bobby Higley, where you, the audience, get to choose you wins and who walks. In the episode, Chocolate the Entertainer and Genevieve Ferrari square off on stage with competing bits about dental dams and herpes sores.

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Outstanding: Queer Comic Competition Round 1

Queerspace Magazine and Gutter Twink Productions proudly present (Get it? “proudly”?) a brand new queer comedy showcase and contest filmed right here in Seattle. 12 of the PNW’s top new queer funny folks will be competing for the coveted title of Most Outstanding Queer Comic, along with a juicy cash prize from AHF. Join host Bobby Higley as part of our live audience at Timbre Room, where you’ll choose your favorites to move forward to the next round!

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Nightshots: SAM Remix

If you’re looking to see the Seattle Art Museum a new light, literally, then SAM Remix may be the eclectic, music and fun filled, evening party experience for you. This time around Queerspace Magazine was lucky enough to be invited in to catch some of the magic, too. The party only happens 3 times a year, and tickets always sell out fast, so make you get yours as soon as you see them go on sale!

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