The Grind: Monster Prom

Hey nerds! Our quest to queer up gaming is taking us back to school this week. From trying out the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson with Polly the party ghost, or just taking on a whole football team full of werewolves, join Taylor for a spin through Beautiful Glitch’s new spooky dating sim, Monster Prom.

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The Grind: Top Queer Game Character Ships

Hey nerds! We’re racking up the XP on a quest to queer up gaming, and this week Taylor’s bringing you some of the top queer ships we’ve wanted to see in your favorite games, from big names like Overwatch and Dragon Age to indies like Earthbound and Undertale. Got some of your own you want to share? Add them in the comments below! 

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Bi-Geekly Report: Jadzia Dax and Gender in Star Trek

When it comes to depicting the future of social issues, Star Trek has often been ahead of the curve. In this episode, El Sanchez breaks down how, although the shows can sometimes depict gender and sexuality issues in problematic ways, characters like Jadzia Dax and races like the Trill and J’naii allowed early TNG and DS9 to depict gender fluidity and non-conformity in ways you didn’t often see on television back then.

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The Grind: The Overwatch League

Hey nerds! We’re racking up the XP on a quest to queer up gaming, and this week Taylor’s taking on the professional e-sports arm of Blizzard’s big FPS, the Overwatch League. Can Blizzard even nerf the toxic masculinity of the league to make it as diverse and inclusive as their game? And can they finally bring us the beautiful junk couple that we’ve always wanted?

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8-Hit Gaming: Da Qween

We’re keeping it in the fam for this episode of our high-larious show about art, weed, and video games, by welcoming queer poet, rapper, singer, and host of the Nightlife Roundup, Da Qween to Nick’s couch for some tips on cruising at the bar-cade and some Street Fighter IV.

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