The Beat: Son the Rhemic

The Beat is back, babies, bringing you the hottest queer musicians and performers in the PNW, and this week we’re bringing an audiovisual performer to the stage who channels their struggles into making music, creating emotional track that are truly true to the sole, the incredibly gifted Son the Rhemic.

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Capitol Heels: Mercury Divine and Weird

Capitol Heels is back, and this week Arson and Londyn are highlighting the best local drag performers and drag shows that you shouldn’t be missing by talking with Seattle’s dandiest dandy, the inimitable Mercury Divine, and paying a visit to the Timbre Room to get the audience’s reactions to Londyn’s very own monthly show, Weird.

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The Grind: Monster Prom

Hey nerds! Our quest to queer up gaming is taking us back to school this week. From trying out the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson with Polly the party ghost, or just taking on a whole football team full of werewolves, join Taylor for a spin through Beautiful Glitch’s new spooky dating sim, Monster Prom.

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