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Watch This: Panic at the Ikea

Occasionally my mom calls me from Ikea wordlessly screaming. I always know where she is, because it’s very specific—the combination of a stage-whispered scream that implies respect for fellow shoppers, and the kind of awful scream in nightmares where your sleeping lungs refuse you full volume.

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Finding Love At The Double Header

I first visited The Double Header shortly after moving to the International District in 2014. I explored the ID and Pioneer Square as often as school and work would allow, searching for the oldest existing bars with the cheapest existing whiskey—Joe’s, The Central Saloon, and Fort St. George were favorites.

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Watch This: Ode To The Alps Hotel

While I was couch surfing through grad school four years ago, I had this incredibly vivid dream about living in a 1920s building in the International District called the Alps Hotel. In the dream nothing really happened, but the place was a taller, narrower, more streamlined version of itself, like a cathedral, and I woke up with an unplaceable sense of hope.

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Watch This: Cell Phone Demolition Derby

When my cell phone demolition derby began, I wasn’t even drunk. I was cleaning my apartment one afternoon and leaned forward at an angle that sent the phone sliding into a compost heap. I don’t even know what object in the compost was hard enough to shatter a phone screen—the bin contained 95% profoundly decomposed avocado skins.

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