Author: Kara Phoebe

The Fear is Real

Before last night, the most recent horror movie I saw in theaters was Don’t Breathe. A movie that ranged from repetitive to reductive to revolting but never really reached scary. Three house robbing white kids in Detroit picked an old equally-white blind veteran as their target. The whole thing reeked of ableism and white washing, but you know, cute trade can convince a sister to do a lot.

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Don’t Swear Him In (and maybe here’s how)

The Electoral College is obsolete. That sentiment has been part of my political landscape for as long as I have had any understanding of voting as an American citizen. More precisely, since I was 9 years old watching Gore with 266 electoral votes lose to Bush with 271 despite Gore having 543,895 more of the popular vote.

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The Queer Style Inspirations You’re Looking For

I am an atypical fashion editor. I did not study at a merchandising or fashion institution. I have never aspired to design my own line. I seek to push media forward to embrace all the bodies and beauty I know and adore in my personal life. Here a few of my favorite artists, brands, and personalities from Instagram.

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