Author: Roman Robinson

Nightshots: Pink Party 11

Another PAX West has come and gone, and once again the Pink Party was the highlight of the weekend. The premier queer geek event during PAX weekend, Queer Geek! Seattle’s Pink Party 11 filled Neumos with hundreds of happy folks for gaming, dancing, and sensational cosplay!

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Nightshots: Pink Party X

Ten years in the making, Pink Party X, presented by ArenaNet and brought to you by Queerspace Magazine and Queer Geek! Seattle was one for the record books and definitely the queer event to be at during 2018’s PAX West. With so many games, so much dancing, and such great cosplay, it’s gonna be hard to top! Good thing we’ve got another year to figure out how.

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Nightshots: Q-Train at Neumos

We took over Neumos for this time warped funk, disco, soul train tribute featuring a fab performance by Christian Raddler, fly tunes crooned by CarLarans, and dopest beats supplied by the one and only Riff-Raff and the extraordinary Toya B. Check out all of these lovely faces!

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When There Were Angels

When There Were Angels is the first full-length production from playwright and director Robert Roth, starring Abie Ekenezar, Collin Fitzgerald, Moshe Henderson, Jeffrey Robert, Nick Sahoyah, and Javion Smith. It ran as part of Gay City Arts’ 4th Season at the Calamus Auditorium at Gay City.

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SuperHard: Hi Score

Look at all these dirty nerds, letting their freak flags fly at SuperHard: Hi Score. DJ’s Joey Webb and Rob Winter spun some amazing tunes, while Tyler Rush and Cass Bolton cosplayed up the Eagle’s cage. From the custom Superman leather harness to the dueling, gender-bent Harley Quinns, it was the hottest night during PAX West for some gay geek fun.

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Pink Party Prime 8

Pink Party Prime 8 was so amazing, mostly because of the nearly 600 people who danced, drank, gamed, and let loose on the dance floor at Neumos during PAX West 2016. We also gave away more than $4,500 worth of cash and prizes during the Official Pink Party Cosplay Contest. Look at all these beautiful queer geek faces. We can’t wait to see you next year!

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Nightshots: Let Your Love Shine

More than 200 people gathered in love, compassion, and support to grieve and celebrate the queer community in a benefit for the victims of the Orlando massacre. There was music from Riff Raff, Reverend Dollars, and Miss Shelrawka, along with amazing performances from Boom Boom L’Roux, Ebo Barton, Miss Shelrawka, Ms. Briq House, Reverend Dollars, Riff Raff, The Lady B, Sarah Galvin, and Whitney Mongé. And we raised more than $2,100 for Equality Florida’s Orlando fund.

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Photos: SuperHard Comicon 2016

Look at all of these dirty nerds. From sexy Cyclops to x-rated Iron Man, they all let their geek flags fly at SuperHard Comicon! And if you think this party was fun, mark your calendars for Pink Party Prime on Saturday 9/3/16 at Neumos. Photos by Rachel Robinson/Jetspace Magazine.

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Walking the Oscars Red Carpet at Cinerama

Sunday, Feb 28, 2016 marked not only the 88th edition of the Oscars, but also Gay City and Three Dollar Bill Cinema’s 11th Annual Academy Awards Party. The benefit returned to Seattle’s swanky Cinerama once again, packing more than 400 party goers in front of one of the largest movie screens in town.

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Lush Us 2016

Gay City debuted their first ever Lush Us: Gay City Arts Showcase on Saturday, February 6, 2016 at Town Hall. LushUs featuring the many performers from the third Gay City performing arts season, including such stand outs as Ebo Barton, Casey Tonnelly, Chad Goller-Sojourner, and Dorothy Frances Kent. Lush Us also welcomed the delightful Mary Lambert and her band as headlining performers.

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