As nightlife on Capitol Hill, a long time epicenter of Seattle’s queer scene, slowly continues its transition to more pedestrian bro affairs, South Seattle has seen a dramatic rise in queer themed events.

One such event is a new monthly starting at the Columbia City Theater this week called Proud. The brainchild of local queer musician and performer Thadayus Wilson, Proud’s mission is to celebrate artists and performers from Seattle’s booming queer music scene.

“My inspiration behind Proud is based off of the pride I’ve experienced at rallies and fundraisers for the LGBTQIA community,” said Wilson. “I used to sing in the community a lot more when I was younger. I came across so many wonderful singers and musicians at the nightclubs and at community events.”

The problem, he said, was the difficulty in finding places where queer artists were welcome. “I met an incredible gay male artist a few years ago,” he recalled, “who told me his struggle in finding spaces in our community to perform for many years. So [I] started a show at Neighbours nightclub called Prideful in fall of 2017.”

Wilson’s success with the event led to call from the folks at the Columbia City Theater, and this new monthly event. This month audiences will get to see performances from drag artist Andrew Scott, a cappella group The Uptown 4, electro-soul and hip-hop artist (and host of Jetspace Magazine’s The Beat) CarLarans, and the promoter’s own group Thadayus and The Electrofunks.

Clearly, this night is about the music, according to Wilson.

“To see people come out and support live music would fill my soul and heart,” he enthused. “I would hope the audience gets entertained, empowered and with a new knowledge of the incredible talent this city has to offer. Not to mention they don’t have to break the bank to enjoy some wonderful entertainment.”

Proud is Seattle’s first LGBTQIA monthly show featuring exclusively live singers and musicians, and runs is the 1st Thursday of every month in the Bourbon Bar at the Columbia City Theater. The show will feature singers, musicians, and full bands, and closing every show will be evening host Thadayus and The Electrofunks with an hour set of electronic, upbeat funk music.

Check here for more info on Proud, including dates and show times.