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Lesbian Stories and the Pathology of The Bittersweet Hollywood Ending

The screenwriters for Tell it to the Bees wanted to give the film a “sweeping romantic ending”, like Brief Encounter or Dr Zhivago. But they wanted them to have a divided happiness – one of them can have the happiness of staying in the town to have a fulfilling career; and the other can have the future happiness of finding love in a more tolerant place. But they can’t have those two things in the same place and with each other.

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Stranger Things Finally Goes Queer

It only took 3 seasons, but the Netflix smash-hit Stranger Things finally delivered to us its first openly queer character. While Maya Hawke’s character Robin was clearly being set up as a foil for her Scoops Ahoy co-worker Steve Harrington, it’s not until near the end of the short season that we learn the truth: she’s a lesbian.

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