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Emma Lee Toyoda Doesn’t Want To Play Your Show

It’s hard not to think about today’s rapidly changing and gentrifying Seattle when listening to the latest single from Emma Lee Toyoda, ‘i don’t wanna play your show.’ The song is raw and punk, like skinning your knee on the concrete floor of a basement house party mosh pit. And then getting up and moshing again anyway. It’s a departure from the more folksy, ethereal, indy sounds of their previous work.

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The Beat: ZELLi

We’re back babies, and this time The Beat, brought to you by Rainbow Rebellion and Queerspace Magazine, is bringing you some black girl magic with the amazingly talented rapper and dancer ZELLi, as she shares her deep roots in the Seattle hip hop scene with CarLarans, then twerks the Re-bar stage for a live performance, including her new single, Thotfull.

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Hazel English And The Power Of Ambiguity

Sunday night, Hazel English took the stage wearing a delicately checked blue and yellow sweater, acid wash jeans (relaxed fit), and pink vans. Fittingly for the Vera Project, the crowd was mixed in age and seemed subdued to the point of drowsiness. Most of us sat placidly along the walls through the two openers, but stood and drifted towards the middle of the stage as she and her band began playing.

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Hi-Chews and Halsey Blues: Bumbershoot 2016

Well folks, I did it. I spent the weekend in the tween-filled, EDM-saturated alternate universe known as Bumbershoot and I’ve lived to tell the tale. Ok, so I’m being dramatic. It was mostly really fun and only ever got uncomfortable or depressing when I watched fourteen-year-olds doing drugs or something.

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Punk Saturday

Punk’s vitality lies primarily in its imperfection. In the unrefined fuzziness of a bedroom recording or the brutal sloppiness of a drunken live set, you can hear growth, change, disorder–in short, the sound of being alive. Punk widens the cracks in music’s surface enough for us to see the organ of humanity churning beneath.

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Musings on Hip-Hop: Young Thug and The Get Down

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about hip-hop, which is maybe a weird thing to write. I often think about hip-hop because I am both an immense fan of rap music and also deeply fascinated by its effect as a social and political movement, but this week in particular it seems like that’s all I’ve been thinking about and listening to.

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Listen To This Music

Since I write one of these pieces a week, there’s no possible way to stay on top of all of the worthwhile music being released. So, in order to remedy all of my oversights, I decided to compile some of my favorite releases of the year. Hopefully you’ll forgive me for not mentioning some of these earlier.

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