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Astronaut9: Everything Like It’s the Last Time

Everything Like It’s the Last Time tenderly takes back a survivor’s agency, giving the artist, and the audience, permission to feel what was too painful before, and to exist in the way we so badly want to as queer and trans survivors. Because of Astronaut9’s generous narrative, when you listen to this project, you also are heard.

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Copyslut, La Llorona, and the Radical Healing Powers of Pleasure

Copyslut flaunts the theatrical charm of a glam band, but that doesn’t mean they’re all flash and no substance. They make bold music about sex work, queer love, and mixed-race identity. I got to interview lead singer Chatz and lead guitarist Ray about their influences, the story of their band name, and how a karaoke performance of Queen’s “I Want to Break Free” started it all.

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