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Bedroom Series: Jacob

We did this photo shoot in Jacob’s living room instead of his bedroom, which was small and didn’t have any natural light, so you’ll have to forgive my use of the term Bedroom Series for this one. I’m sure you’d agree that the lighting in the living room was good (really good, not Tumblr selfie good.)

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Bedroom Series: AJ

AJ told me that after this shoot he and a friend were going to try out drag for the first time. While he’s no stranger to wearing makeup and heels, it would be the first time AJ has done full on drag. He didn’t know whether or not he would shave off his beard, though, but is grateful to live somewhere that embraces a bearded drag queen more readily than South Carolina, where he grew up.

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Bedroom Series: Al

Al has pretty eyes. But only in this country, he says. In his native Venezuela, people would tell him his eyes looked tired. But he lives here now, so his eyes are pretty.

Since he’s not a native English speaker, the shoot was also an opportunity to help Al expand his vocabulary, including what the word smirk meant, for instance. Clearly he’s a fast learner.

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Bedroom Series: Jedadiah

Jedadiah may spend his days working in restaurants, but it’s his music that most explicitly defines who he his. His photos are meant to tell a story. They show the progression of how, at the end of the day, he sheds his workplace camouflage, layer by layer, to come closer and closer to what lies beneath.

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Bedroom Series: Joel

Joel spent the holidays in Centralia with his family, including his 99 yr. old grandmother and his 1 1/2 yr. old nephew. It was a thought provoking and uplifting experience, he said, spending time with generations born nearly a century apart. Joel has a strong relationship with his family. He didn’t so much come out, he told me, but casually announce one day that he had a boyfriend.

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Bedroom Series: Joe

Joe is far from shy, but he’s still nervous in front of the camera. He’s recently out of a relationship, which has been tough on him. His natural charm and nervous energy are hard not to find infectious, though, so it’s unlikely that some lucky guy won’t snatch him up soon.

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Bedroom Series: Nick & Viktor

Nick and Viktor have the smooth, easy chemistry of friends who know each other intimately. They met at the Buffalo Exchange where Nick was working. Viktor was trying to sell clothes, and Nick was wearing a Halloween costume. It was the only time, Nick says, that he ever used a customer’s phone number to ask them out on a date.

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