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Prideshots: 2017 Latinx Pride

Last weekend saw Seattleā€™s first ever Latinx Pride celebration, held at El Centro de la Raza on Beacon Hill. The day featured entertainment, dance music, food vendors, and community resources, and Jetspace Magazine was there to capture some of the magic.

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Prideshots: Solomon Georgio and QTPOC Is Not A Rapper

QTPOC Is Not A Rapper, Seattle’s monthly comedy open-mic for queer and trans people of color, welcomed the fabulous Solomon Georgio to Chop Suey for their first ever Pride comedy show. Also appearing with Solomon were the hilarious QTPOC Is Not A Rapper regulars Nick Sahoyah, Val Nigro, and Monisa Brown along with the amazing Finn Cottom.

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Prideshots: Queers4Oliver

The People’s Party joined forces with Queers4Oliver to kick off Pride month at Re-bar with mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver. Oliver posed for photos with the gathering crowd, and gave a rousing speech that touched on some of her primary campaign points.

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