Nightshots: Pink Party X

Ten years in the making, Pink Party X, presented by ArenaNet and brought to you by Queerspace Magazine and Queer Geek! Seattle was one for the record books and definitely the queer event to be at during 2018’s PAX West. With so many games, so much dancing, and such great cosplay, it’s gonna be hard to top! Good thing we’ve got another year to figure out how.

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Pink Party X: Sat 9/1/18

It’s back, and it’s bigger and better than ever. 10 years in the making, it’s Pink Party X, presented by ArenaNet. Bring your PAX party to our party, the biggest and best queer geek party during PAX West. You don’t even need a PAX badge to come! All of the queer gamers, geeks, and nerds will be there. If you only come out of your parents’ basement once a year, then you’d better come out for this!

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The Grind: Monster Prom

Hey nerds! Our quest to queer up gaming is taking us back to school this week. From trying out the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson with Polly the party ghost, or just taking on a whole football team full of werewolves, join Taylor for a spin through Beautiful Glitch’s new spooky dating sim, Monster Prom.

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