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My Sober Second Act

There are so many things that numb us to who we are. Alcohol is a big one. Minority groups, including queer and trans folks, have higher rates of alcoholism. It makes sense that we’d want to reach for a substance that provides an escape. But where’s the line between temporary escape and self-sabotage, playing right into the hands of those harmful stereotypes forced on us?

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My Brush With Susan Sontag And Other Tales From The Gay Golden Age

The years between the gay liberation movement at the beginning of the 1970s and the onset of AIDS a decade later are viewed in a certain strand of gay nostalgia as “the golden age”. It’s hardly surprising that those who lived through the period might see it this way; in retrospect all youth is golden. What is surprising is the extent to which men not then adult — perhaps not yet born — have accepted the idea and are slightly disappointed when I try to disillusion them.

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Queer Creators Take YouTube To Court

A group of queer and trans content creators, dubbing themselves the Rainbow Coalition, have filed a lawsuit against YouTube and parent company Google for actions that they say have resulted in discrimination against them and their ability to share and monetize their content based on being queer and trans.

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Queer And Disabled Folks Lead The Way In Surviving Environmental Disasters

Communities around the world are grappling with the growing number and intensity of climate-related disasters because of climate change. Immediately after one of these disasters in the U.S., federal, state, and nonprofit agencies frequently pour financial resources into the communities affected by the latest fire, flood, or earthquake. But these emergency support systems are usually unable to address the long-term needs of those affected, and all too often, these structural support systems entirely overlook those of us who live at the intersection of multiple oppressions: race, class, gender, disability, and sexual orientation, to name a few.

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Pow! Comics are a way to improve queer men’s body image

Built, buff and metrosexually styled — such is the dominant stereotype of what queer men should look like. Magazines, websites, image-based social media and dating apps contribute to creating idealized images of muscular and fat-free men’s bodies. Is it any surprise that body dissatisfaction has been reported to negatively influence queer men’s mental, emotional and sexual health?

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