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We’ve decided that it’s time for our name to reflect who we really are. So we’re making a change. Starting today, we’re Queerspace Magazine. We’ll still have all of the great content you love, and some great new stuff, too, just like we always have – only now, even our name will be queer.

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Cupid Strikes Again: The End of V Day

A red sun sets on Valentine’s Day 2018, with 1 wounded and 1 newly celebrated as a hero, as a Valentine’s Day celebration ran what some might call amuck. At 7:05 AM, Charlie Parsley, 28, woke up like it was any other day. They got up, dressed ,ate breakfast, and then began to scroll through their non-chronological instagram feed, liking videos of cats and memes trolling Cancers.

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Would A Queer/Bar By Any Other Name Smell As Sweet?

Capitol Hill’s latest entrant into the queer nightlife scene flung open it’s newly refurbished doors Friday night to an invite only crowd and suspiciously rave reviews, if their Facebook page is to be believed, at least. But, then, how telling would it be for Queer/Bar not to get a Day 1 5-star review from Dave Meinert, Capitol Hill nightlife impresario and part of the Guild Seattle group backing the freshman watering hole?

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Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Re-bar

Re-bar occupies a strange and lovely place in Seattle – both spatially and historically. The bar, located in the nebulous Denny Triangle, has provided a safe space for queer nightlife in the city for decades. It’s also where Nirvana staged its record release show for Nevermind (and where the band was famously kicked out of that same night).

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