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Astronaut9: Everything Like It’s the Last Time

Everything Like It’s the Last Time tenderly takes back a survivor’s agency, giving the artist, and the audience, permission to feel what was too painful before, and to exist in the way we so badly want to as queer and trans survivors. Because of Astronaut9’s generous narrative, when you listen to this project, you also are heard.

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Porch Cat Is A Manual For Finding Joy In Cruel Places

It takes a skilled artist to transform dysphoria, loneliness, and chronic illness into catchy punk tunes you can scream along to in a sweaty basement. Chan Benicki of Porch Cat has the chops to do just that. Their music is tinged with anger and sadness, but never sounds pessimistic. For every moment of despair on their latest album, the self-titled Porch Cat, there’s a balancing moment of hope.

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Glimpse Into Tomorrow at the SIFF VR Zone

The SIFF VR Zone is a pop-up virtual reality installation living, for now, on the first floor of Pacific Place Mall. It’s the most intriguing thing the 44th Annual Seattle International Film Festival has had going on all season – or for even the last two SIFF seasons. Maybe three.

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