Sexy, entertaining, and powerful, The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq is the only POC Burlesque show in Seattle and it does not disappoint. I wish I was a better writer so I could emulate the sexiness and elegance of this monthly performance but, unfortunately, you will have to read my written equivalent of a moose performing burlesque.

Miss Briq House, local burlesque star and overall goddess, presents one of the most tantalizing and magical shows in the city. An evening at The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq is the perfect way to celebrate the majesty of POC bodies and have a damn good time doing it. I had the pleasure of attending the November show and immediately at the end said to myself “Like um can I see this again cuz that was HOT HOT HOT!”.

The show is presented every second Sunday at Theatre off Jackson in the International District,. The space is accessible and strives to be inclusive to everyone, just a few of the reasons this sexy queer ass show is successful. Burlesque shows are generally open seating so here are my tips to get a great view of the goodies. Theatre off Jackson has two spaces, one that’s the black box theatre where you would traditionally see a play and one, on the upper level, that’s a big open room with a small stage raised slightly off the ground. With a bar in a the back, the room was arranged in burlesque style or like a dinner theatre vibe. There is also a VIP section directly in front of the stage with comfy couches and a feeling of exclusivity and importance that I will greatly consider paying for the next time I attend. And let’s be real – I will be back.

Miss Briq House is a local celeb that I’d always very excited to see perform. Some of the other contributors to the show included Iowa De Boom Boom and Miss AuroraBoobRealis. I’m going to be honest with y’all – I was too busy gettin’ it and throwing money at all the wonderful performers to write down everyone’s names. Booty so nice you forgot you came to write a review. What I can tell you is that you should come prepared with singles to give to these lovely ladies.

There is also a raffle for those who may want a less aggressive way of contributing to the show. The prizes were definitely worthwhile and I regret not investing in more raffle tickets. One of the prizes for the raffle was a lap dance from Miss Briq House herself. Don’t cheat yourself out of a lap dance. Buy those raffle tickets!

The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq wasn’t all bouncing babes, though. It’s doing something unique and wonderful. It felt like a necessary opportunity to celebrate black and brown bodies. As a black woman, I felt sexier after seeing a burlesque show with women that look like me. So if you want to be turned on and empowered a the same time (this directed to any POC reading this) go to the next Shuga Shack!

The place is packed, the audience is happy, and the performers are happy – a beautiful relationship that should not go unrecognized. POC focused spaces are so important right now to strengthen our communities, develop empathy for one another, and uplift each other. The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq is a prime example of excellence in the city. I need you to immediately purchase tickets to the next Shuga Shack. Seriously I cannot push this enough. Get your ass to the next Shuga Shack before it sells out.

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