Queer and Trans Migrants Discover Community at Mexico’s House of Women

After traveling thousands of miles fleeing violence and discrimination, queer and trans women find safety and support in Tapachula, Mexico.

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Aimee Stephens Takes Her Trans Rights Case To The Supreme Court

This week the US Supreme Court will hear three cases dealing with queer and trans rights, cases that ask the court to decide whether it is legal to fire someone who is queer and/or trans under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act’s prohibition on discrimination based on sex. The subject of one of these cases, R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes Inc. v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, is Aimee Stephens.

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Sadeeq Ali Is So Serious About Queer Hip-Hop

Sadeeq Ali hasn’t been in the game long but has definitely came through to show the boys and girls that us queers can’t be ignored in this realm of Hip-Hop.

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The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy and a “Positive” Message That Still Holds True

The narrative in “Positive” by The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy shows that, even as early as 1992, hip-hop was on the forefront of educating the public and dealing with the prejudices surrounding HIV and AIDS.

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Mattel Launches Creatable World Gender Inclusive Doll Line

Global toy brand Mattel announced today a new product line featuring a customizable doll offering endless combinations all in one box. The Creatable World™ doll line, consisting of six different doll kits that are available in a variety of skin tones, invites kids to create their own characters with extensive wardrobe options, accessories, and wigs that allow them to style their doll with short or long hair, or in a skirt, pants, or both.

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Tom Goss Addresses LGBT Domestic Violence With “La Bufadora” Video

Tom Goss uses the new video for “La Bufadora”, a song from his upcoming Territories album, as the perfect metaphor for emotional landmines and a relationship that can take a drastic turn for the worse in an instant.

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Why Bisexual People May Not See The Health Benefits Of Marriage

While a large number of studies show that married people enjoy better health than unmarried people, a growing number of studies have found that bisexual people experience poorer health than straight, gay, or lesbian people do.

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Lesbian Stories and the Pathology of The Bittersweet Hollywood Ending

The screenwriters for Tell it to the Bees wanted to give the film a “sweeping romantic ending”, like Brief Encounter or Dr Zhivago. But they wanted them to have a divided happiness – one of them can have the happiness of staying in the town to have a fulfilling career; and the other can have the future happiness of finding love in a more tolerant place. But they can’t have those two things in the same place and with each other.

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My Sober Second Act

There are so many things that numb us to who we are. Alcohol is a big one. Minority groups, including queer and trans folks, have higher rates of alcoholism. It makes sense that we’d want to reach for a substance that provides an escape. But where’s the line between temporary escape and self-sabotage, playing right into the hands of those harmful stereotypes forced on us?

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