Traveling While Trans And The Trauma Of Dealing With The TSA

On Sept. 15, 2017, Olivia stepped into a full-body scanner at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. When she stepped out, a female Transportation Security Administration officer approached. On the scanner’s screen was an outline of a human body with the groin highlighted. The officer told Olivia that because of something the scanner had detected, a pat-down would be necessary.

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Abby Posner’s Tribute To An Unexpected Source Of Queer Survival

Abby Posner found a surprising queer anthem in a late-nineties punk song. She’s the first to admit punk band Alkaline Trio’s “Cooking Wine” is not a queer song but, growing up queer in rural Colorado in the nineties, she took what she could get.

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Queer Creators Take YouTube To Court

A group of queer and trans content creators, dubbing themselves the Rainbow Coalition, have filed a lawsuit against YouTube and parent company Google for actions that they say have resulted in discrimination against them and their ability to share and monetize their content based on being queer and trans.

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Totally Unofficial Queer Guide to PAX West 2019

While PAX continues to get queerer, given the sheer amount of content, it can be helpful to have a guide to point you in the direction of the best and brightest. So, following in our annual tradition, here is our totally unofficial queer guide for your enjoyment!

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Woke Washing: Buying Good PR With Allyship

More consumers want companies to address societal problems. But consumers are also increasingly skeptical about these efforts, seeing them as marketing stunts.

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Queer And Disabled Folks Lead The Way In Surviving Environmental Disasters

Communities around the world are grappling with the growing number and intensity of climate-related disasters because of climate change. Immediately after one of these disasters in the U.S., federal, state, and nonprofit agencies frequently pour financial resources into the communities affected by the latest fire, flood, or earthquake. But these emergency support systems are usually unable to address the long-term needs of those affected, and all too often, these structural support systems entirely overlook those of us who live at the intersection of multiple oppressions: race, class, gender, disability, and sexual orientation, to name a few.

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“What a Life. What a Remarkable Remarkable Life”: The Passing of Toni Morrison

American novelist Toni Morrison — winner of the Pulitzer Prize (1988), the Nobel Prize for Literature (1993), and many other awards — has died at the age 88.

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