Mayhem with Mama

Photo by Matt Baume. With costumes created by Pete Rush, Scott Grey, Kozma Monsoon, Pretty Parlor, and Reymond Chapman Modern Couture.

It’s been called the number one drag brunch in Seattle, and it’s been awarded King 5’s Best Theater Group in Western Washington award for the past two years. I’m talking about Mimosas with Mama, of course, the scandalously uproarious drag and dine experience happening every Sunday at Seattle’s Unicorn on Pike St.

Mimosas with Mama, featuring the eponymous Mama Tits, is no run of the mill drag show. This thing’s high concept, people. Mama and her cast take some of your favorite musicals, everything from Dream Girls to Wicked, and shove them into a theatrical corset—trimming the fat, but leaving all the good stuff. Wanna see Hairspray in 30 minutes? Done. How about a 15 minute version of Mama Mia? You got it (Sorry, Meryl.)

But the world isn’t big enough for Seattle’s skyscraper-sized drag queen. Or at least, the Unicorn isn’t. Because Mama and her size-gigantor heels are taking this show on the road. Literally.

Mayhem with Mama, a mash-up of three of their most popular mini-musicals, is taking over the Triple Door stage for one night only on Tuesday, February 16, before heading down to sunny ole Mexico for a nearly month-long run.

The mayhem you can expect to see, in addition to the usual Mama Tits madness, 15 minute Mama Mia, a 30 Minute Hairspray, and finally a 30 Minute-ish Little Shop. Mama is joined on stage by cast members Tipsy Rose Lee, Isabella Extynn, Ruby Buche, and Sparkle Leigh.

“Slammed together, these revamped musicals become one zany roller coaster ride of a show,” Mama says. “It’s a quick change extravaganza. You have to see it to believe it!”

After their Triple Door takeover, Mayhem with Mama becomes a truly international affair.

“Then we take off and take the whole show to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for the month of March,” Mama adds, playing Thursdays-Saturdays, March 3-26th, at Act II Stages.”

Unless you’ve got the coin, and the vacation time, to head on down to PV, your only chance to catch this mega-sized show from this mega-sized queen if to pick up tickets for Tuesday’s show at the Triple Door. you can do that here.