GeekGirlCon 2016

GeekGirlCon, the annual celebration of women in tech, arts, comics, and gaming, just wrapped up another successful year. New this year was an expanded exhibitor hall, easily twice the size of previous years, as well as a larger, more dramatic space for featured panels. Steven Universe had a big impact on the cosplay, aided, no doubt, by the appearance of former Seattle resident Jennifer Paz, who voices Lapis Lazuli on the Cartoon Network show.

The con is much more accessible and family friendly than other, large geek cons like PAX, which was evident in the large number of children in attendance. It’s also a favorite of such notable personalities as Anita Sarkeesian from Feminist Frequency, who mentioned that it’s not only one of the few cons she personally attends each year, but also one of her favorites.

Gaming is a big part of the con, with the entire lowest level of the WA State Convention Center’s Conference Center on 8th filled with table gamers. There was a much smaller selection of video games on display, but Virtual Reality gaming also made an appearance and was a big hit, if the line of people waiting for a turn was any indicator.

Check out some photos from GeekGirlCon below, and be sure and add this amazing and accessible event to your calendar again next year.

Photos by Robert Roth/Jetspace Magazine