Amazon Dash Scanner

Amazon dash scanner. Photo via

Have you ever had the strangest case of déjà vu? You swore you had already done something before?

That’s what I’m feeling when I wrote this article. I remember writing it so vividly writing, my references and my jokes. But for the life of me I couldn’t find the previous it. It’s maddening really, having to do it all over again.

You may have experienced the same thing if you’ve used grocery delivery services like Peapod (that’s a throwback), Hello Envoy, Instacart, Safeway Grocery Delivery, and even Amazon Fresh. You forget to order something. You order the wrong thing.

Then there is Amazon Dash. I mean, if you want to scatter your house with a whole bunch of little Wi-Fi enabled buttons to auto order things you run out of, that’s great. Just remember, cats are jerks. Cats love playing with your tech, and when they find your dash button for Ham & Cheddar Lean pockets and decide to order you 47 boxes, it’s just their way of acknowledging how many parties you throw, you wonderful socialite you.

That’s when your inner Y2K voice says: there’s got to be a better way.

In steps the Amazon Dash Scanner! This scanner takes over as the more useful way to order what you need through Amazon Fresh. Let’s say Amazon again. AMAZON! (wicked déjà vu here).

The Dash scanner is Wi-Fi connected and has really easy set-up. Go around and scan what you’re running low on and it automatically updates to your shopping list on Amazon. Don’t have a package with a UPC on it? Just press the little Mic button and say what you’d like to add.

No more cat jerks reinforcing your solitary lifestyle by stocking you up on microwavable meals for one.

I was actually surprised to come across something like this at Goodwill, since the pickings have been slim lately. I picked it up for only $4.99, which was even more surprising, since I’ve seen them online ranging from $16.99 – $39.90. They are a rare bird indeed.

I did some research when I brought it home to find out what it really was, but information was sparse. After a little digging I found out that It was most likely part of a Beta release for the Amazon Dash program mid-2014. AMAZON!

The scanner proved to be very useful, since you can use to for your mass ordering for many things. Better that than the plethora of dash buttons that would be needed. It also allows you to do your shopping seamlessly throughout your kitchen and pantry without the need of parking in front of your computer or mobile device. No more forgetting to order something without being able peek and shop at the same time.

The scanner is still supported, which is great. You’d be lucky to get your hands on one. since it seems to make more sense than the Dash buttons. AMAZON! What’s even more interesting is that there is a community out there that is hacking these devices to perform and scan whatever they’d like. The possibilities are endless.

If you happen across one of these little scanners and use Amazon Fresh, make sure to gobble it up before someone else does.