by Robert Roth
August 3, 2015

Jackie Beat. Photo courtesy of

Jackie Beat. Photo courtesy of

They’ve worked together in cities across the world, in everything from the Off-Broadway Edgar Allen Poe spoof Tell-Tale! to playing Dorothy and Blanche in a sold-out tour of The Golden Girlz Live. They’re Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine, two of the drag world’s main stay drag stars, and they’re teaming up once again for a one-night only visit to Seattle at Julia’s on Broadway his Thursday for Battle of the Bitches.

Julia’s describes the show as both no-holds-barred and anything-goes, which isn’t surprising considering the stars. The night will be a song battle, as each queen will pick a blind topic and then “belt out one of her world-famous, sick ‘n’ twisted song parodies”.

It can’t fail to be hilarious evening. Both queens have a gift for musical parody, and the two have lampooned artists from Madonna and Britney Spears to Dolly Party and Eartha Kitt.

Battle of the Bitches takes over Julia’s on Broadway this Thursday, August 6 at 8pm. Tickets range from $10 for standing room at the bar to $30 for stage side VIP seating, and can be found here.