The Lady B

The Lady B will host the 11th Annual Academy Awards Party

Pulling off an event like Gay City and Three Dollar Bill Cinema’s annual Academy Awards Party is no easy feat, even under the best of circumstances. Securing the venue, arranging the catering, gathering sponsorships, and finding the right host top the list of all of the many preparations required for the event.

Sometimes, though… well, honestly, frequently, though, you hit a snag. Such was the case with this event, when the organizers were contacted by the scheduled host, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 star Robbie Turner.

“I have THE WORST news,” Robbie said. Robbie’s flight arrangements for that day had been adjusted by LOGO, requiring her to fly out of Seattle before the 11th Annual Academy Awards Party instead of after it. Having to cancel the event appearance “just breaks my heart,” said Robbie. “I’m so apologetic.”

But the show must go on, and so this show will, thanks to Seattle drag and burlesque performer The Lady B.

Story-teller, performance artist, community organizer, and activist, The Lady B uses burlesque, dance, drag, and spoken work to portray how the politics of race, sexuality, gender, and ability are projected onto us.

Given the current controversy surrounding the lack of diversity in the Oscars and the Hollywood entertainment machine, bringing someone onboard who represents many of those very same oppressed voices seems like and apt choice.

“I am so happy to be asked to host the 11th Annual Academy Awards Party,” said The Lady B. “Gay City and Three Dollar Bill Cinema are important to support because of their on-going dedication to Seattle’s diverse queer communities as our needs evolve.”

The benefit organizers had already taken steps to acknowledge the need to represent more diversity in the arts, bringing back last year’s Rainbow Cinema Awards, recognizing and honoring the incredibly diverse talents of actors and filmmakers from 2015.

“There are a number amazing of actors, actresses, directors, and filmmakers that we want to honor at our event,” said Gay City Executive Director Fred Swanson. “These awards recognize the performances and work of queer people and people of color, and celebrate the diversity that exists in cinema today.”

One way to help support these organizations, and the work they do to benefit the queer arts community and the greater queer community, is to attend benefits such as their Academy Awards Party.

The Lady B agrees.

“It is truly an honor,” she says, “standing in support of these two great pillars of our community.”

The 11th Annual Academy Awards Party takes place on Sunday, Feb 28 at the amazing Seattle Cinerama. Head to this link for more information, or to purchase tickets.