Wednesday, Dec 7

Fuck! It’s Christmas
Wednesday, Dec 7 / 8pm
Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar (1508 11th Ave)

A night of stories and songs with Princess Charming and the immense talents of Jordan O’Jordan, Butylene O’Kipple, and, as always Andy Burian! Music and spirits to lift your spirits abounding!


Thursday, Dec 8

About One Third of Orgasms
Thursday, Dec 8 / 6pm
The Factory (1216 10th Ave)

Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell, creators of Breakfast in Bed, the queer kink fan favorite from this year’s Hump! Film Festival, present the second installment of their “cute & nonthreatening” trilogy, with ink and butter washes, live no-hands painting with a paintbrush from the butcher shop, POV “action” films, and a never-before-seen 25 minute single take of the performance that became “breakfast in bed.”


Saturday, December 10

Rapture ft. Betty Wetter & Stacey Starstruck
Saturday, Dec 10 / 10pm
Timbre Room (1809 Minor Ave)
$8 / $5 with stamp from Cucci’s Critter Barn

Rapture is a queer evening for avant garde experimentation, boundary-bursting drag performance, and overall dark techno dance vibes. Hosted by Arson Nicki, with Betty Wetter, and Stacey Starstruck.


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