Destiny Nicole Frasqueri, also known under her stage handle Princess Nokia, fell from the rainy Seattle heavens this past Thursday. Due to an incredibly high demand in ticket sales for the New York based Afro-Nuyorican independent alternative rap and R&B artist and songwriter, the kind folks at The Crocodile (along with the entire bill) offered up an additional show that night, too. We arrived for the early show, and hung around for the late show. *devil horns emoji*

Those who were able to stick out the wait until the late show, while everyone was already unapologetically sweet-bragging about their insignificantly tiny titties and gluttonous bellies (or perhaps even if the 2nd show was the only one you chose to see), were actually the luck(ier) ones. Not only did they get to see DoNormaal and Raven Matthews open twice for (Thee…) Princess Nokia – known formerly as “Wavy Spice” – but also Taylar Elizza Beth and Guyaba, who both dropped in after their own performances at Upstream Festival and put on wonderful sets that you’d be damned to have missed.

Iconically, mystically, and almost unmistakably identical to late legend Aaliyah, Nokia entered the stage with a roar magnified by the pure adrenaline of her fans. As with the infamous one-liner, Nokia pulls back the hammer with her audience like loaded pistols, the line swells up at the front of their mouths, until at once, everyone in the room is belting in unison “Who That Is H**?!”, followed up with the one and only response “That Girl Is A Tomboy”. Such a successful introduction, it was well deserved, and well-played by Destiny. We all gagged before the fourth second of the show even hit the clock – especially at Princess Nokia’s Symphony of the Night, Dracula’s Castle Carpet type Red Mecca Baseball Suit. Flawless Victory.

Princess Nokia performed a variety of gems from the albums she’s created over the years, like “Dragons”, opening the show with newer releases like the 2016 summer track “Tomboy” and “Brujas”, and saving songs like “Young Girls” for the finale. Long time listeners and fans may have missed Wavy Spice’s tracks “Versace Hottie” or “B*tch I’m Posh” performed live, but being able to embrace the Bruja magic that is Princess Nokia was surely potent enough.

Nokia also performed Kimya Dawson’s “I Like Giants” to none other than Kimya Dawson herself, who had come out to see her performance that night. Initially taken back by what we were hearing, and gathering it together after a trio onslaught from Nokia, a familiar sound became so. We unpacked a moment of a memory, and it was truly touching to hear what the others we shared the space with thought about their relation to the material. In a flabbergasted sort of way, we find it ironically believable for them (they both render vast beauty in their works respectively), yet unfathomable how we would feel for such a perfect moment to exist for us let alone between these two artists.

It was spiritually epic such a strong encapsulation from Princess Nokia’s multi-dimensionalism in her sounds. She represents many indigenous peoples, ancestry, and culture. Its first nature to get behind that. The set, how it was performed, and the consciousness behind the artists ability to convey emotional and story was impeccable. It was truly an honor and privilege to be in the presence of not only some of the most influential Black and Brown Female Artists in the city of Seattle, but also to be alongside Princess Nokia.

Even though we missed Princess Nokia’s second set, we hope it wont be long until she returns to Seattle, but in the mean time we will keep our eyes and ears out for any new music. We can almost taste it!

Photos by Calente “Nome” Cardwell