Queer Geek! Seattle is an organization for LGBTQ folks who are interested in things typically classified as geeky to network and socialize both online and offline. Topics includes things like science fiction, fantasy, horror, gaming, anime, movies, literature, and similar. While there’s a strong online component, with a Facebook group with almost 2,000 members, the focus of the group is on offline meetups.

Current events include a monthly Magic: the Gathering meetup, a monthly board game meetup, a monthly anime meetup (all on Capitol Hill) and a monthly movie meetup on the Eastside. Queer Geek! also hosts a 24 hour gaming marathon for charity in November, partners with Jetspace Magazine on the annual Pink Party, and sponsors other one-off events. Since the group started, other groups who do events for similar audiences have joined the scene, such as Seattle Gaymers and the Gaming Grrls, but there’s still room for growth and expansion for Queer Geek!.

Queer Geek! is always looking for more members and is open to new ideas and organizers to offer fresh points of view. Membership could include everything from attending events, helping out with meet-ups, events, and conventions, or even becoming an organizer.

Becoming a member is informal and free. Check out Queer Geek!’s Facebook group or Meetup group for the latest and greatest. Queer Geek! also has a website where you can learn more.

For those interested in helping out, opportunities include:

  • Staffing tables at conventions. If you’re a regular at Queer Geek events and can enthusiastically talk about the group, this is a great way to help and you might get a free ticket in the process.
  • Technical areas that could use expertise, getting an easier-to-update website, setting up an email list, that sort of thing.
  • Spreading the word. Are you part of a group with similar aims? Do you work at a game store or coffee shop? Maybe you’re part of a geek email list at your company. Let people know about Queer Geek!
  • Donations to Queer Geek! are always welcome. Costs for the group are low, but donations funded Queer Geek’s Meetup.com subscription for two years, which was much appreciated. Other potential costs include seed money for nonprofit status or to do events with larger budgets.

For those interested in organizing, opportunities primarily include starting new events and meetups, especially events outside of Seattle, or even outside of Capitol Hill. There has been interest in events and meetups on the Eastside, in Shoreline, in Everett, and in other locations. They’re especially interested in holding more video game meetups. Those are harder to pull off as far as finding a space, but there’s demand for them. Queer Geek previously hosted a regular Gameworks meetup, which was popular at the time.

The group is also interested in broadening the diversity of the organizers to help bring a more diverse audience to their events. Queer women, trans and gender non-binary people, and queer people of color interested in organizing events or becoming part of the group leadership are strongly encouraged to do so.

You can contact the group with questions or ideas by emailing them at info@queergeekseattle.org or by reaching out to their social media pages.