by Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler
November 18, 2016

Welcome to Raven’s Reading Rainbow, where I take your questions and perform a Tarot Reading just for you!

I’ve been reading Tarot for more than thirty years and reading professionally at Seattle’s Edge of the Circle Books for 15 years. My belief is that Tarot is best used for putting you in touch with your own subconscious, allowing you to make healthy decisions that can change your life for the better. My readings tend to be commonsensical, geared toward helping the client deal with in a way that brings a sense of self-empowerment.

This week’s question comes from Kook Teflon, who says:

“I am 42, and have been feeling at a crossroads of where my next move should be spiritually and artistically.”

Hey, Kook! I did a slightly different spread this week because your question is a bit more complex. This spread is called The Star. It’s quite useful for figuring out what really matters in any given situation, and thus is wonderful for gaining clarity. It’s also a terrific spread for advice, and for sparking new ways to think about questions that we’ve been cogitating on for a good long time.

For starters, once I’ve shuffled, cut and laid out the cards, I like to take a look at the card on the bottom of the deck. It gives me a “feeling” or a “tone” for the reading. In this case, you’ve got The Page of Pentacles. You may be thinking of studying something, either formally or on your own. You may also be prospering, but the money flowing in tends to be more of a trickle, not a flood, with this card! There may also be positive news about money, work, house, or home.

On to the reading proper. I pulled six cards for this layout.

Card 1. Where You Are Now: Nine of Cups.

Nine of Cups signifies wishing and hoping, like the song, and finally—finally—getting what you really, really wanted. Something may have come through for you, and so you may be feeling rather grateful, abundant, and blessed. You may have all sorts of artistic ideas and creative endeavors coming to fruition right now. So, in a way, you’re in a really good space.

Card 2. Advice for the Situation: Five of Cups, Reversed.

Five of Cups, in its upright aspect often means that we’re disappointed in something, sometimes, to the extent that we can’t really see anything else. Oftentimes, the Five of Cups reversed warns us not to fall into the trap of seeing only that which we’ve lost, or what we could have done, or should have done. As an Advice Card, the message is about looking at the treasure you’ve overlooked, because you might have been too focused on what you couldn’t have, or what never happened, or what you didn’t quite achieve.

Card 3. The Challenge You Must Face: Two of Swords.

Are you trying to make a decision between this place or that, this path or that one? Do you feel torn between two options? The key here is that you must take your time to make this decision, though once you make that choice—and stick with it! This is the very thing that will help you become unstuck.


Card 4. Positive Uses of Your Energy At This Time: The Sun, Reversed.

The Sun is a card of creativity, healing, clarity, and freedom. It’s great joy and vibrant energy.
However, the card is reversed, signaling a need to beware of becoming burned out! You can’t be all things to all people. Strive for clarity of vision. Remember that what you do, whether Spiritual or Creative—it’s also supposed to be enjoyable, empowering and fun. And, believe it or not, this card may also be saying it’s best to wait to go to a warmer or sunnier location.

Card 5. More Positive Actions: Page of Cups.

Pages often refer to children under the age of 12. If you have them, then one of them might be a very sensitive, spiritually inclined soul, and it might be best to consider that child’s needs while making these decisions. On the other hand, the Pages can talk about the child in us. In this case, I’d say that there’s a profound need to express yourself—honestly, from the heart. Cups may signify art, or music, and/or spirituality. You may wish to make yourself heard using those sorts of outlets.

Card 6. The Crucial Insight: Four of Swords.

The Four of Swords depicts a knight who appears to be asleep. He may simply be resting, or he may be even keeping vigil, for tomorrow brings a sort of initiation. In any case, he’s taking a bit of a break, recharging his resources—because he’s going to need them. This is a perfect time for you to relax, recover from past stress, and enjoy the lull, because it won’t be long before you’re going full steam ahead with your plans. Your initiation into a new life brimming with Creativity, Healing and an opening of the Heart is coming soon.

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