As a Hellenic-Egyptian Pagan who has worked in a Pagan/Occult bookstore for around twenty years, I love questions like the one I got from Kisa: How should I synthesize my skills, experiences and knowledge together to best serve the world-at-large as a Hermetic/Hellenic Priestess?

Kisa, your question is wonderfully focused and to the point, and so the Star Spread I’m using today reflects that. It’s useful for gaining clarity, and discovering new positive directions.

Let’s begin.

Card 1, Where you are now: 8 of Cups

Leaving a situation which you find draining in order to look for something more spiritually fulfilling.

Kisa, you may have found that your religious practice has come to feel stagnant, and even draining. Dealing with other people may wear you out, because of politics, and drama. You may wonder where all the positive, passionate people went! You may spend more time dealing with other folk’s issues than doing the work you’ve always wanted to do. On the other hand, everyday life may have become a real drag. Chances are, it’s a little bit of both. You may be deciding to move towards a new, more positive spiritually fulfilling direction. It may be time to wash your hands of a situation and walk away.

Card 2, Sage Advice: Three of Wands reversed

Your efforts to expand your practice are stymied or blocked. Waiting in vain for others to “step up”.

You might have been waiting…and waiting…and waiting… for others to join with you in a venture, but things never quite got off the ground. The best thing you can do at this time is quit waiting, don’t look to others for their approval, or their sanction. Take the bull by the horns (Apis or Minoan, your pick) and move towards your goals like Jason and the Argonauts going after the Golden Fleece. Or maybe like Alexander the Great, as he conquered the city of Tyre! You get the picture. Be focused and go for it. You are a born leader. So don’t wait for permission, or to be drafted into action–lead–and expand your horizons.

Card 3, The Challenge you must face: The Emperor, reversed

Too rigid, or a doormat. Too structured, no allowance for spontaneity. Controlling, or alternatively, too permissive. Need a better foundation–or, maybe it’s time to break with convention.

Balance is needed here. There’s a time to be strong and unyielding like the Oak, and flexible and unbreakable like the Willow. You just have to figure out which approach is best for each situation you may face as a Priestess. With this card in the spread, I’d also advise against mundane work for companies that take over your life and all of your freedom. As far as religion practice goes, it might be a good idea to build on the firm foundation you have, but let yourself be free to go in new, less codified directions. In other words, Hellenic Reconstructionism may be a little too rigid and limiting to you. Loosen up a bit.

Card 4, Positive uses of your energy: Ace of Cups, reversed

Spiritually burnt out. Giving to others, with no return of energy. Not a good time to go in a new spiritual direction.

Kisa, one of the things you could work on at this time is how to give and minister to others without burning yourself out. That means learning how to set boundaries. It may be time to re-approach old Gods and Goddesses with a new openness and a true heart. Learn how to receive, as well as to give. Work on old relationships before beginning new ones. Listen to your intuition.

Card 5, More Possibilities: Queen of Swords, reversed

Bitterness. Scattered. Disorganization. Need to express yourself, possibly by writing.

You may be very good at working with women who have been treated very badly by life. You may excel at helping them find their voices, and through that, their healing. You may also feel the call to write, yourself! It’d be a great direction for you. Finding ways to organize group efforts may be another effective use of your talents.

Card 6, The Crucial Insight: Knight of Pentacles

Steady, reliable, detail oriented. Baby steps. Slowly, methodically advancing towards one’s financial or material goals.

Kisa, this is a card that could point out a couple of options. You would be excellent at helping to get funding for a project, to find land or a space for a Temple, for organizing any sort of project that requires attention to detail, dealing with money and resources, or getting your group to handle temple business in a more efficient manner. Because you won’t rush things, they’ll get done right the first time!

Wrapping It Up

This reading has been a real pleasure to do, and Kisa, I think you’ll be a fine Priestess. Just remember your abilities to see what needs doing, what are they best most efficient ways to do things, and remember to trust your instincts. You may have a real gift for writing, and I recommend that you explore it, and use it to bring healing to others. Khai’rete!

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