Sometimes folks really aren’t sure what subject to ask about! Or, they’re interested in seeing a broad overview of what’s going on in their lives, and what they actually should be focused on. When this happens, often they’ll ask for a General Reading, which is exactly what this week’s Reader requested.

Since this is a straightforward request that has the tendency to produce rather vague answers, I elected to do my Five Directions Spread. In this spread, each direction, North, South, East, West and Centre, represent one of the Five Elements, which are respectively Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Spirit. Spirit, as an Advice Card is used to help you get in touch with the wishes of your highest self, the inner part of you that want only your greatest happiness and your highest good.

Here we go.

Card 1, North: The Ace of Pentacles, reversed

The Element of Earth, the Material, Money, home, environment, physical body. Physical labor. Investments. Business. Building.

Wealth without joy. No work/life balance.

Either you make enough money, but don’t enjoy the work, you hate the workplace you’re stuck in, or all you do is work–which means you don’t get to enjoy the life you’ve won so hard for! Many times when people get this card, there’s something lacking in their work life. Or, you may love the job you have, but it’s not paying you enough to enjoy life. One way or another, the advice here is to realize that you can have both wealth and joy in the same package. In relationship readings, either love or sex could be missing, leaving you feeling unfulfilled. Don’t settle for a relationship without both love and sex, you can have both!

Card 2, South: The 3 of Pentacles

The Element of Fire. Creativity. Action! Physical energy. Physical activity. What’s got you fired up! Will.

Work that is more a vocation than “just a job to pay the bills”. Often, creative work, or work done with the hands. Taking what you’ve been studying or practicing, and taking it into the realm of the professional. No longer the apprentice, you have become the master of what you do, and may be sought out for your expertise.

Reader, with this card in the spread, it’s clear that there’s some sort of work that you should be doing, and you are more than qualified to do it! So, what’s stopping you? If you’re persistent in pursuing your career goals, you’ll achieve them!

Card 3, East: The 2 of Wands

The Element of Air. Communication. Conscious thought. Messages. Letters, emails, texts, conversations.

Making plans. Deciding where to go from here. Having a firm foundation from which to act. Recognizing your full potential. Now, you have to figure out how to use it!

You may be researching new or cherished ideas about your chosen career path. You’re able to make plans, but can’t act on them…yet. This is a time of figuring out solutions to any obstacles that may crop up in your path, so you won’t be derailed by them. This is about deciding on the most effective strategy!

Your best bet is to plan for anything and everything that can go wrong, so you can quit worrying and move forward!

Card 4, West: The 6 of Cups, reversed

The Element of Water. Subconscious thoughts. Hunches, instinctive knowledge. Knowing without knowing. Dreams, daydreams. Psychic ability in action. Intuition.

Stuck in fears or worries from the past. Need to let go of painful experiences and memories from past relationships or work situations.

Some years ago, the U.S. economy took a nosedive. Many people found it difficult to survive, much less thrive. Being stuck in an employer’s market, lots of folks took whatever job was available, whether they liked it or not. There was no “finding your bliss” back then, there was only room for paying one’s bills and attempting to weather the storm. So, people got used to putting their dreams or indefinite hold.

Reader, I’m suggesting that you recognize that things have changed. There’s enough of a “market” for your particular skill set, and now is the time to put them out there! Release your fears from the past, and go for it!

Card 5, Center: The 10 of Cups, reversed

Spirit. The heart of the matter. Advice from your Higher Self. What you need to consider to make your decision from a place of working for your highest good. How to reach your potential. Message from an Inner place of Truth.

Dysfunctional families, relationships or workplace relationships. Need for positive community. Need more family or relationship time. Problems within a relationship, but you don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Where are my people?

Reader, your Inner Self invites you to seek out a work situation that features a group of like-minded people to hang with! You need to be around people whose goals are similar to your own, and who value those goals above their own egos. What we’re describing is a spiritual family of a sort, like groups of artistic types, or people working for social justice, or whatever floats your boat!

Wrapping It Up

Reader, your general reading turned out to be fairly specific!  The gist of this reading is clear; in order for you to reach the career goals of your dreams, you’ll need to immerse yourself in the right community to support those goals. Don’t settle for a life spent waiting for the right time to do this. Plan, and act accordingly. There’s never been a better time for you than the present!

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