Stagnation. Caught like the proverbial fly in amber, you languish at your job , bored, listless, doing the same old, same old, day after day after interminable day… and there’s no way up, and it seems almost impossible to find a way out of it.

It’s enough to make you tear your hair out.

This week, our reader’s question embodied that all-too-familiar frustration when asking: I feel like I’m stuck in my career and in my job. What insight can the cards offer with regards to this, and to possible new roles.

Reader, I can see that the sense of stagnation you’re struggling with has been an issue for some time. So today we’re using a spread created to focus on solutions and bring insights to various aspects of your question–the Five Sacred Directions Spread. In this spread, each direction represents one of the Five Elements. Five Elements, you ask? Well, there are five Elements referenced in this spread because in addition to Earth, Air, Fire and Water, I’m including Spirit as an Advice Card to help you get in touch with the wishes of your highest self, the inner part of you that want only your greatest happiness and your highest good.

Here we go.

Card 1, North: 7 of Cups, reversed

The Element of Earth, the Material, Money, home, environment, physical body. Physical labor. Investments. Business. Building. Seeing things as they really are: confronted with reality. Narrowing your options to the one’s most practical and doable.

At this point in your life, Reader, you’re probably figuring out what options you have that are the most realistic. Pipe dreams have fallen by the wayside in favor of the sure thing! The advice of this card is start with what you can do today, then build on it.

Card 2, South: Judgment

The Element of Fire. Creativity. Action! Physical energy. Physical activity. What’s got you fired up! Will. Resurrection. Now is the time!

Many times, when we receive this card, we are experiencing a “now or never” urge to do something that feels absolutely right for us. It’s usually a direction that we’ve ignored in favor of playing it safe, sometimes for years! If this describes you, Reader, it’s time to quit putting off those grand plans of yours!

Card 3, East: The Moon, reversed

The Element of Air. Communication. Conscious thought. Messages. Letters, emails, texts, conversations. End of illusions. Cool Rationality. Clear-headedness.

The bright light of clarity is shining on your work situation right now, revealing what, up to now has been hidden. If you’ve been feeling like there was something funky going on at work, but you couldn’t put your finger on precisely what that was, you probably know by now. The mystery has been solved, and now you have to decide what to do. The advice of this card is to truly see things as they really are: not the worst, nor the best, but simply what is. On the other hand, are you completely ignoring your own instincts in favor of, “just the facts”? Take a middle path.

Card 4, West: Queen of Wands

The Element of Water. Subconscious thoughts. Hunches, instinctive knowledge. Knowing without knowing. Dreams, daydreams. Psychic ability in action. Intuition. The Diva, extraordinaire!

Subconsciously, you need to be in a job that lets you release your Inner Diva–that is, the vivacious, warm-hearted, gregarious, adventurous, slightly eccentric and flamboyant part of yourself that your current job may force you to keep buried! People who are in theatre get this card, as do other performers. So do people who run or have businesses that are a bit more fun and unusual than the run-of-the-mill sort of work you’re currently doing. Think: anything from the body piercing specialist to the massage therapist or holistic health practitioner, to anything else that floats your boat. As long as it’s not ordinary, you’ll be fine.

4 of Cups

Card 5, Center: 4 of Cups

Spirit. The heart of the matter. Advice from your Higher Self. What you need to consider to make your decision from a place of working for your highest good. How to reach your potential. Message from an Inner place of Truth. Not turned on by any of your choices. Seen it all before. Been there, done that mentality. I can’t change anything.

You can’t let yourself be bored. Boredom, in your case, leads to depression and dissatisfaction, and it makes you apathetic. If that’s what you’re feeling now, this is exactly what to fix. Find something to do that keeps you engaged and excited. Get past your sense of inertia and ennui. The only one stopping you from making a meaningful change in your career is you!


Wrapping It Up

The good news, Reader, is that your career future and it’s growth are within your power to change. Do whatever is necessary to create the life you want for yourself. If a change is warranted, then go for it!

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