Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what direction in life is right for us–here may be too many choices, and we’re left trying to discern for ourselves which one would be best. On the other hand, when all avenues have closed up, we might start wildly searching for a new, viable direction–any direction that might lead to fulfillment and happiness.

This week, Pauline asked the question: Where am I headed?

Pauline, the first thing I’m going to do is ask you a question: Where do you want to be headed?

I’m a firm believer that, in most cases we create our own futures. We have free will, and the ability to make choices and take actions that will help us reach our life goals. We may need to make sacrifices sometimes, and it might be difficult, but I really do believe that we are mostly in control of our own fates.

That being said, let’s look at what the Tarot has to say about your question.

The spread I used is fairly straightforward; a three card Past, Present, Future Reading with an Advice card at the end. Here we go.

Card 1, Recent past: The 9 of Cups

Getting one’s fondest wish. Gratitude. The good life, whatever that means to you. Good times.

The 9 of Cups can represent wish-fulfillment, so either something worked out the way you really wanted it to, or you finally discovered what your deepest desires really were. That inner knowledge may have prompted you to find ways to fulfill those wishes. You may also have decided to quit settling for “second best”!

Card 2, The Present: The Sun

Healing. Freedom. Clarity of purpose. Creativity of all kinds. Sunny places. Sunny disposition. Happiness. Contentment.

Right now, you may be living in or contemplating a move to somewhere warmer and sunnier than Seattle! If not, you may simply be experiencing more clarity about what you want. You may bring healing to yourself and others. Maybe it’s time to flex your creative muscles again! This may be a time of longing for the freedom to do what you want with your time, talents and energy.

Card 3, Future: Justice

Harmony, balance, right action. You reap what you sow. Legal matters of any kind, decided fairly. Fair treatment. Weighing all sides of an issue. Being impartial when making a judgment. Being fair to yourself as well as others.

Pauline, it looks like your immediate future may bring a time of purposefully restoring harmony and balance to all areas of your life. Legal decisions, which can cover anything from court cases to dealing with leases, bills, taxes, etc., may be resolved in your favor. This can also mean that you work to achieve a balanced equilibrium in your personal life, or even work to realign your inner self. Justice can signal a need to be scrupulously honest with others, and most especially, honest with yourself about who and what you are, and what you desire, and why.

Card 4, Advice: 9 of Swords, reversed

Releasing the Inner Critic. Relief from a sense of misplaced guilt. No longer putting up with cruelty from others, or from the negative voice within.

Pauline, the Tarot’s advice for you is to not let yourself be crippled by worry or negative thinking. This is a time to believe in yourself and reach for what you want in the world. The future seems very positive for you if you just believe in yourself, ignoring the toxic inner voice that whispers, “You can’t!”, or, “That’ll never work!”.

Decide what you want. Then, work your butt off!

Remember the words of Alexander the Great, “Fortune favors the bold!”

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