Finally! You feel that you’ve won success in your career, and you’re on top of the world, only to be derailed by unsympathetic and even harsh coworkers and bosses. You feel besieged by unwanted critique and commentary to the extent that you’re constantly walking on eggshells. And sometimes you feel wary, because of past work experience. They may not be what you’re experiencing at present, but remembering what you’ve gone through before in the past can still make you feel horribly insecure. That’s a hard mindset to shake!

This week, Brianna asked: What does the near future hold for my job situation?

Well, let’s see what the Tarot has to say. The spread I did for you this week, Brianna, is a straightforward, three-card Past, Present and Future spread, with an additional card pulled for Advice for the situation.

Here we go.

Card 1, The Past: The Chariot

Travel, success, having both horses going in the same direction. You have harnessed all your resources to reaching a concrete goal and succeeded! You’re experiencing victory after a difficult time or a struggle. You’ve been focused and driven towards reaching your goal. And now, you’ve arrived.

Brianna, in your case, you’ve used a lot of energy to get this job, and may have had to jump through a lot of hoops to achieve what you have so far. The Past shows you as jubilant and victorious in your conquering every obstacle and winning the prize.

Card 2, Present: The King of Swords reversed

Unsympathetic authority figures; bosses, supervisors. Ruthless or callous higher-ups. A “cutting” manner of speech, using communication to wound others. Conversely, uncommunicative.

With this card in the spread, Brianna, you are probably not having an easy time of it; you may be dealing with supervisors or managers that don’t seem to care at all about your feelings, and may even be harsher than is necessary. The company itself may seem cold and insensitive to the feelings of its employees. Or, you may feel as if you’re operating in a vacuum with no real input or feedback. This can result in you over-thinking everything, every decision, every action, to the point where you’re paralyzed by indecision. The challenge here is to resist the urge to think everything to death! Trust yourself. You know what you’re doing.

Card 3, Immediate Future: The Empress reversed

Not feeling “at home”. A blow to your self-esteem. Unhappy with your environment. Woman energy out of whack, too much, too little or expressed in a toxic way. Feeling neglected, a lack of nurturing. Caring for everyone but yourself. Overcompensating by giving too much.

First of all, Brianna, have you considered that your co-workers may appreciate you more than you know? Trust that, and relax. They know a good thing when they see it. Is it possible that you have a tendency to do too much? Or have you withdrawn completely? Try to balance the need to excessively caretake everyone else, and don’t neglect yourself.

If you want to see more consideration and caring in the office, you may have to set an example. And if there’s a lot of gossip and backbiting going on, stay out of it. Don’t let yourself get sucked into drama!

Card 4, Advice: The 8 of Swords

Fear of the unknown. Feeling constricted by the opinions of others.
The message here is very clear: quit worrying so much about what others think that you can’t do your work effectively! Tune out micro-managers, commentators and consider the source of “well meant” criticism. Then do your best work.

Wrapping It Up

Brianna, it looks like everything is fairly stable. In the immediate future, there’s little to no growth unless you can learn to focus on the work–and not what everyone else thinks of your work. That ability seems to be what allows you to be at your best. So, get focused on those goals and go for it! In other words, get out of your own way, and succeed!

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