This week, an anonymous reader asks the wonderful question: How will I find my greatest happiness in life?

I love questions like this! Sometimes we can get so willfully specific about a question or concern that we become closed off to opportunities and answers that would have worked beautifully for us, if only we were open to hearing those unexpected solutions and suggestions. This is a question so open-ended that it allows for the gifts of Possibility, synchronicity, and serendipity! And that is helpful on the path to a magical, happy existence.

For this question, I’ve used a basic Three Card Spread, which I usually read as “Past, Present” and Future.” However, this week, I’m taking a cue from Mary K. Greer’s “Tarot For Yourself”, a book I highly recommend, and I’m designating those positions in the spread as “Body, Mind, and Spirit.” I’ll also take a peek at the card on the bottom of the deck, a quick “Advice for the Situation” message.

Here we go.

Card 1, Body: 2 of Wands, reversed

The physical world. The physical body. Earth element, the material. What do you need in the physical world to achieve joy? Things fall through. Not a strong foundation. Waiting around for the right time. Critical imbalance.

Anon, the first thing I thought about when I looked at this card was that it illuminated a sense of imbalance that could be a root cause of some of the issues you’re facing. That could be anything from food allergies, to having problems with one’s home or job (remember the physical covers that stuff, too) , or even money issues. One of the issues you might be facing is the old, “I’ll do something to realize my dreams when the time is right,” when of course, the time will never, ever, ever be right. Best start working on those dreams today. So the answer is, to be happy in Body–or the physical world, time to build a strong foundation. Plan, plan, and plan some more, for a beautiful future.

Card 2, Mind: Page of Cups, reversed

The conscious mind. How you think, and how you manifest what you think in the world.

Well, Anon, I’d say that you need to be able to express what is in your heart, and that you may be feeling like you’re NOT being heard by the people around you. It may seem ridiculously hard to articulate your feelings, but it’s necessary to really give it a go. Speak up!

Card 3, Spirit: The Sun

Highest Purpose. True Potential. Manifesting in accordance with your Higher Self. Healing. Creativity. Better health. Clarity.

Anon, it seems to me that the way to bring true happiness into your life is to embrace your creativity. Creative outlets may bring healing and clarity, illuminating the best path forward for you. This may be a time to focus on good health and bringing more freedom and enjoyment into your life. This would be a good use of that creativity I keep harping on–figuring out how to create a happy life is both the challenge and the reward.

Card 4, Advice: The Tower

Shake it up! It’s time to: clear the air, remove obstacles from your path, scrap everything and start anew.

If you feel your life has grown stagnant and stale, this would be a good time to rattle the foundations of that life–thoughts you have about who you are, what you think you’re allowed to want or have, and about what’s possible. Sweep them away, and start a new set of paradigms!

Wrapping It Up

Anon, you’re more than capable of doing what is necessary to create a happy, fulfilling life! Just remember to think creatively about it, meaning: think outside of the box! Don’t try to live a cookie-cutter sort of life if it doesn’t suit you!

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