You’d think that the most asked question a Tarot Reader gets would be about romance and relationships, right?

Not any more.

It’s quite telling that the economy seems to have changed enough in the last couple of years that most folks ask questions like this week’s reader: Will I be getting a new job and pay increase?

This is such a straightforward question that I chose to do a simple three card spread, with a fourth card drawn for Advice at the end of the reading.

Now, for a question like this one, I’ve decided to look for certain cards that would signify a definite yay or nay: The Ace of Pentacles, for example, often comes up for New Jobs. It could also point out the new beginnings of a work or money situation , such as a raise. Another card to look for might be the 3 of Pentacles. It shows someone who is now acknowledged as a master of the work they do, and is sought out and paid well for that work.

If either or both of the above-mentioned cards show up, then, that would be considered a pretty auspicious sign of a positive answer to the question.

Here’s what the cards had to say.

Card 1, Past: Knight of Pentacles, reversed

One step forward, two steps back. Stuck in a rut. Tired of being”old faithful”, or the source of dependability for everyone.

Reader, recently you may have felt a bit taken for granted, because you’re always so reliable! So you may feel like you’re kept in the same position , year after year. You’re stuck in a groove. You may desperately want to shake things up. You may be moving ever so slowly up the career ladder, only to slip back several rungs, which slows you down even more. On the other hand, you may feel that your job is on the fast track to nowhere.

Card 2, Present: Page of Wands

Enthusiastic about finding new directions. Good news. Sometimes, short-lived enthusiasm or drive.

You may be all excited about a new direction or prospect, but may have trouble maintaining the level of energy required to see it through. Pace yourself! You might feel justified in taking a risk and exploring new opportunities.

Card 3. Future: 3 of Swords, reversed

The return of joy. Getting past heartache, or hurt feelings. Getting over creative or vocational heartbreak; disillusionment with career path.

Reader, the future ( keep in mind that this is a six month reading) indicates that, though you might not get that raise, or find a new job–your situation should improve enough to bring back your optimism about your work.

Card 4, Advice: 3 of Pentacles

Perfection in work. Doing the work you believe you’re put here on this earth to do, your vocation. It may be time to consider how effective you are when working with others. Polish those skills!

What’s keeping you from doing the work that you want to be doing, Reader? If it’s a skill that you haven’t yet acquired, rectify that situation, so that you have the chops necessary to get that new job!

Wrapping it up:

As we noted in the beginning, certain cards needed to show up in the spread to give a clear yes or no to your question.  Of course, the answer is more complicated; no Ace of Pentacles, so no new job in the next six months; and 3 of Pentacles as an Advice Card, not a Future Card–so unless you hone your skills, you can’t really expect much change. However, if you’re content to stay where you are, things may improve a bit. However, I’d like to advise you to do whatever’s necessary to attain the position you’d like. Don’t limit yourself. Be prepared to make a real Herculean effort.

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