Searching for a new job, especially one that is a step up the career ladder? Well, that’s a job all in itself! It’s like going on the quest for the Holy Grail. Many tests and trials lie ahead on a path often shrouded in mystery and false or misleading fronts. Often, the struggle is to resist taking the first job offer that comes along, rather than waiting for the right fit. And, sometimes the net we cast can be a bit too wide. We apply for anything and everything even slightly relevant to our job history.

This week’s reader wondered: I have applied for many wonderful career positions for the last several months. When will the tide turn, allowing me to resume working in my field in a great position?

In order to answer this question, I used a fairly straightforward Three Card Spread, and then pulled a fourth card for Advice.

Let’s take a look.

Ace of Wands

Card 1, The Past: Ace of Swords, reversed

Either you’re trying too hard, or you may be so scattered that your efforts don’t quite “take”.

Reader, I get the feeling that though you strive to cultivate a very positive attitude, and have seriously mad skills, your efforts to find your dream job have left you feeling a little pessimistic. At one point you may have just thrown a barrage of resumes out there, hoping that at least one of them would catch the eye of that perfect-for-you employer. It might be time to narrow your focus!

Card 2, The Present: Ace of Cups, reversed

Putting all your energy into a person, work situation, or endeavor and feeling that the energy simply isn’t being returned.

You feel as if you’re in a one-sided relationship–with your job! You may have “fallen out of love” with your current job, or even with your job search. The thrill is gone.

Card 3, The Future (Answer and Timing Card): The Fool, reversed

Afraid to take risks. Need for more faith in your own abilities. No sense of adventure. One of the things hampering your efforts, Reader, may be your resistance to applying for jobs that you’ve never done before! Consider looking for positions that bring new challenges– and new experiences to the table.

Timing: Okay, fun Tarot fact–the number of the trump card The Fool is 0. And sometimes, depending on the deck, it’s also 22. So, the timing I’m going to use is this-in 22 weeks or months, you should find that great job. I’m personally betting on weeks, because Major Arcana cards seem to signal “sooner rather than later” timeframes. Something else to keep in mind, in Numerology, 22 is known a Master Number, and it’s influence is that of the Master Builder. It’s reputed to be the most powerful of the numbers, and brings the ability to create a solid reality from lofty goals, by using pragmatism, hard work and skill. Work it!

Card 4, Advice Card: The Hanged Man, reversed

Unwillingness to make necessary sacrifices.

You may need to decide what you’re willing to give up to get what you want. Time, sleep, social life–these are all things that may become less of a priority, as you work to achieve your career goals.

Wrapping it up:

Reader, the most important thing is to get focused, and don’t be afraid to apply for a job that brings completely new challenges. You’ve got this. Keep the faith!

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