Welcome to my new column, where I take your questions and perform a Tarot Reading just for you!

I’ve been reading Tarot for more than thirty years and reading professionally at the Edge for a decade. My belief is that Tarot is best used for putting you in touch with your own subconscious, allowing you to make healthy decisions that can change your life for the better. My readings tend to be rather commonsensical, geared toward helping the client deal with in a way that brings a sense of self-empowerment.

This week’s question is from a 36-year-old living on Capitol Hill.

Anon: “I have experienced much sorrow for the last two months. What does my immediate future hold for me?”

Hi there, Anon. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having such a rough time. Let’s see if the Tarot can bring you some answers and knowledge of a brighter future.

Sometimes, when life is kicking us in the derriere, figuring out what we can do to change that pattern is the most helpful part of the reading. With that in mind, the spread I’ll do for you is a three-card layout designed to show you where you are, what the immediate future holds, and what positive changes in your life could bring the happiness you seek.




Card 1: Where You Are Now; Five of Cups, reversed

This card tells me that you are experiencing many regrets, and may be wishing you could change a lot of things from the recent past. The fact that the card is reversed really just means that you’re stuck in feeling this way. The thing is: the past is the past. Let it go.

Card 2: The Immediate Future; The Page of Cups, reversed.

This is not an optimum card for relationships of any kind: reversed, the Page of Cups may mean that you might not hear from that special someone, or you may feel that you’re simply not being heard, therefore your needs aren’t being met! It may be time to speak up.

Card 3: Advice for Positive Change; The Lovers, reversed.

Firstly, the Lovers, in its reversed aspect may be urging you to look at your whole situation with more of a sense of nuance, instead of a good/bad, win/lose mentality. You’re at a crossroads, that’s for sure. The challenge here is to start making choices based on what’s in your best interests. In other words, it might be time to put yourself first for once.

Tying It All Together

Quit crying over spilt milk. Make a decision based on what you need that will actually make you happy, and in the future you may hear something, or from someone, that brings great joy and relief.

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