Many people are dealing with the loss of a job and the grueling search for another. How do you know what new job opportunities are best for you? What do you do, now?

That’s what was on the mind of this week’s questioner, Anonymous, who says: I was fired from my job in January without notice and I’ve been depressed ever since. I have an interview this Thursday that I am hopeful about but I want to make sure I am heading in the direction that is best for me in the long-term. What are my choices?

Hi there, Anon! This week, I used my new Elements Spread because I felt that it could shed light on different areas of your life in relation to your question.

Once I’ve shuffled, cut and laid out the cards, I like to take a look at the card on the bottom of the deck. It gives me a feeling or a tone for the reading. In this particular reading, I’ve given this position an alternate meaning: Spirit or Higher Self. What I mean by this is that the card is received from the part of your subconscious that works for your highest good, and helps you make decisions in your own best interest.

The card here is The Knight of Wands, reversed, which tells me that you’ve been attempting to move into a different direction where your career is concerned, but have had a lot of difficulty doing so. You may also be feeling stressed about the possibility of either being forced to move house, or may wish to relocate and finding that goal to be fraught with all sorts of problems and obstacles. All of these issues can make you second guess your decisions, constantly wondering if the choices you’re making are truly in your best interest.

On to the reading!

My Elements Spread factors in suggestions and advice for positive change from the Tarot regarding these areas: Earth-the Material; Air, Communications of all kinds; Fire, Action and Will; and Water, the realm of the Subconscious, Dreams and Instinct.

Here we go.

Card 1: Earth

Earth is the realm of all material matters: house or home, general environment, jobs, money, business endeavors, investments, and even the physical body or physical relationships.

The card I pulled for this position is the 10 of Cups, reversed. You may be coming from a working environment that seemed a bit like a dysfunctional family! You might wonder if you’ll find that sort of environment again at a new job, or if you’re doomed to work at a soulless, cold and impersonal place simply for a paycheck.

Card 2: Air

Air represents all things connected with the mind and communications of every conceivable kind. So, this can cover everything from messages via cellphone or texts, conversations or even what we read or write, either individually or using mass media, including the Internet.

The card that falls here is the 5 of Wands reversed. Competition, competition, and even more–competition! That’s probably what you’re hearing from everyone these days; its like a feeding frenzy for jobs right now. This makes your job hunt seem quite daunting, as if you have to battle your way through the hordes of other eager applicants in this most volatile employer’s market! The key here is to quit worrying about it, take heart and go for it anyway!

Card 3: Fire

Fire represents Action, Energy, and Will! This element is dynamic, and shows where your energy is going, what you’re focused on, and how you’re using your Will to create positive change in your own life.

The card here is the 8 of Cups, reversed. This card tells me that before you lost your job, you might have considered moving into a new direction because you really found the work somewhat draining. Now, you are considering going back into the same line of work; you’ve decided to give that career path another shot. The thing is, this return to what you know well may give you exactly what you need.

Card 4: Water

The element of Water represents the subconscious, the hidden, the Unseen. It refers to instinct or “gut knowledge”. Water is the realm of intuition and inner knowledge.

The card here is the 6 of Swords. This card indicates that you’re using your formidable brain power to move into a work and financial situation that reduces your stress level and brings you some peace! You may be calming yourself throughout this trying time by coolly and rationally analyzing your situation allowing you to plot your next steps forward with confidence.

Wrapping It Up

Anon, it seems that you know what you want, but you need to trust yourself to get there! Sure, there’s lots of competition out there in the job market, but you’re also eminently qualified for the position you’re searching for. Give it your all, success is on the way! The choices you have are many, but the jobs that create the least mental and emotional stress are the ones you will work out best for you at this time.

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