Sometimes life can feel flat and empty, as if some indefinable something is missing. We did everything right. We went to the right college, chose the right career. So the carrot at the other end of that stick of self-discipline and self-deprivation is that we get to be happy, just like our parents, society, and even TV told us. Right?

Not necessarily. And, that’s frustrating and puzzling. And, that’s often where we get stuck.

This week Mary asked: Something is missing in my life but I’m not sure what it is. How do I break free from the paralyzing uncertainty and move forward?

In order to answer your question, Mary, I did a basic three card spread, pulling a fourth card for Advice.

Let’s see what the cards have to say.

Card 1, Past: 6 of Pentacles

Equal exchange. Energy in, energy out. Give a little, get a little. Benevolence, charity. Generous nature.

Mary, in the past you may have been generous to others, helping friends and family where needed. You may also have done all the right things, sure that you were ensuring a fruitful, fulfilling life. You may also have been interested in work or activities that could aid other people less fortunate than yourself.

Card 2, Present: 7 of Swords

Theft. Feeling misled. Somebody sold me a bad batch of goods! Feeling cheated, by others, or even life itself.

Because you haven’t attained the sense of completion and wholeness you thought you would, you may be feeling a bit cheated by life. You may feel robbed of your ability to trust yourself, or anyone else. And that keeps you from really making an effort to change things. It’s time to trust your own ability to create positive change in your own life, and shake yourself out of this pattern.

Card 3, Future: Knight of Cups reversed

Ungrounded. Can’t settle on one thing. Can’t commit to one course of action. No fun. Too old, too fast. Afraid to try new things. Consumed with thoughts of romance, or alternatively, holding a gun on Cupid.

First of all, Mary, you might need to get back in touch with your inner teenager. You know, the romantic, idealistic lover of art and poetry and fashion and etc, etc,.. You get the picture. Allow yourself to get excited about life again. While you shouldn’t obsess about romance or the lack of it, you shouldn’t be so ambivalent about it that you drive current loves and/or potential suitors away! Instead, get out there and start having a great time. You have my permission to party.

Card 4, Advice: King of Cups reversed

Workaholic or Playaholic! Need to balance the two. Shutting down feelings, either refusing to acknowledge deep emotions, or being swamped by them. Needing to set better boundaries. Stop fantasizing about a fulfilling life and start making that life yours!

Herein lies a clue: the answer to your question is in your fantasies about the life you’d like to be living. That’s right. You actually do know what you want, you just have to commit to getting it. So stop thinking it to death and just do it.

Wrapping it up:

Mary, the good news is that you have the power to bring joy and excitement back into your own life. Don’t allow yourself to get hung up on the uncertainty you feel. Life is full of risks, and every investment of your time may not pay off. But time spent on the journey towards your own happiness will never be wasted. The journey can be it’s own reward.

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