Which way do I go? What new path should I walk? How do I get there, when I don’t even know where “there” is?

Heavy questions!

That’s what was on the mind of this week’s querent, Lyndsy, who shared: Hi Raven, my life needs to take a new direction, but I’m having trouble figuring out where I need to go or where even to look. This is mostly in the career area of my life but also personal purpose as well. Thank you!

Hi there, Lyndsy!

I used the Elements Spread because I felt that it could shed light on different areas of your life in relation to your question.

After shuffling, cutting and laying out the cards, I like to take a look at the card on the bottom of the deck. It gives me a feeling or a tone for the reading. In this particular reading, I’ve given this position an alternate meaning: Spirit or Higher Self. What I mean by this is that the card is received from the part of your subconscious that works for your highest good, and helps you make decisions in your own best interest.

The card here is the 4 of Wands, reversed. Okay, first of all, this tells me that there’s some sort of milestone, something that’s very important to you that you haven’t quite achieved yet, that probably nags at you in the middle of the night. You may be feeling that some aspiration of yours was never quite fulfilled or achieved. For some, it’s finishing a project or school or finally publishing that novel! Figure out what that is (hint: you’ve probably been putting it off for a long, long time) and start getting it done!

On to the Reading!

The Elements Spread factors in suggestions and advice for positive change from the Tarot regarding these areas: Earth, the Material; Air, Communications of all kinds; Fire, Action and Will; and Water, the realm of the Subconscious, Dreams, and Instinct.


Card 1: Earth

Earth is the realm of all material matters: house or home, general environment, jobs, money, business endeavors, investments, and even the physical body or physical relationships. The card that falls here is Death, reversed. You may feel that work has stagnated for you, no real growth has been possible for quite some time. What’s needed here is what I like to call Mental Housecleaning. There may be some outdated, outworn, outgrown ideas you’ve been holding onto that no longer apply to your life and your career capabilities. It might be time to let go of a job that is going nowhere fast. Have you thought about what would happen if you let go of a career situation that makes you feel stuck? It’s time to clear away the obstacles, whether external or self-imposed, that stand in the way of your goals. That can be as drastic as relocating, or a simple as telling yourself it’s okay to follow your dreams, instead of bowing to all your inner fears.


Card 2: Air

Air represents all things connected with the mind and communications of every conceivable kind. So, this can cover everything from messages via cellphones or texts, conversations, or even what we read or write, either individually or the use of mass media, including the internet. The card here is the Queen of Cups. Having this beautiful queen fall here may indicate that you have a talent for using your empathy to help others via your communications skills. Examples: Teachers, social workers, counselors, customer service folks, internet astrologers or readers–you get the picture. The Queen of Cups in Air may also be telling you that you’d be awesome at writing or communicating anything that brings wholeness or healing to others. In any case, your intuition is probably right on, and you should pay attention.


Card 3: Fire

Fire represents Action, Energy, and Will! This element is dynamic and shows where your energy is going, what you’re focused on, and how you can use your Will to create positive change in your own life. 8 of Cups, reversed would signal a return to something you loved once, but possibly let go for a long while, because at the time life, and doing that thing you loved so much, was just too draining. Now, you have the energy and the wherewithal to follow that path once again. Move towards the career and activities where you once found solace, peace and contentment.


Card 4: Water

The element of Water represents the subconscious, the hidden, the Unseen. It refers to instinct or “gut knowledge”. Water is the realm of intuition and inner knowledge. When the 2 of Wands reversed falls in an Advice Spread, it might indicate that the thing holding you back subconsciously is the need to plan, plan, and plan. In fact, you might even get lost in the act of planning so you never actually set out on your path! Or, you might realize that you need a better foundation on which to build future plans.

Here’s a strategy: Have a serious planning session, but make a deadline. Do not keep moving the deadline. Tell yourself that you will have finalized your plans by such and such a date, and stick to it. Once that’s done, start moving forward. Of course, you can do this at your own pace! The key thing here is to create a strategy for getting what you want, and then implementing that strategy! Chop, chop!

Wrapping It Up

Lyndsy, it’s clear that you actually do know what direction you’d like to go in, it’s just that you need a bit more confidence. For that, you need a road map of how to get there. Try doing some serious research, and then plot your course! Your path shines brightly before you.

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