Many young people are faced with the quandary of what career direction to follow after they’ve finished with school and are ready to embrace the working world–but what direction to choose?

This week’s question comes from Azza, who wonders: I’m currently a college student in France, and next year I will get my degree. The thing is, I still have no idea about a job that is right for me, or what I want to do. Could you tell me anything about my future job or my professional life?

Bonjour, Azza, how very lucky you are to study in France! Say hello to the Louvre for me!

To answer your question I used a three card Body, Mind, and Spirit Spread, and checked the bottom of the stack for the Crucial Insight–or what’s most important to consider when making your decision.

The reason I used this spread is because I believe that we can be satisfied on different levels when it comes to career choices, or almost any sort of life-altering decision. It’s important to make sure that the heart is content and the mind is stimulated.

So, let get started.

Card 1, Body: The Devil, reversed

The physical world. The physical body. Earth element, the material. What do you need in the physical world to achieve joy? Lighten up. Freedom after being enslaved. Choices.

The first thing that hit me when I drew this card, Azza, was that above all else you want freedom. The Devil in its upright position describes feeling trapped, stifled, stuck, being constrained by money concerns above all else. But this card in its reversed position tells me that you need to be in a career where you are not forced to live in only one place, where you the freedom to move around and travel as you wish. You need to make enough that you can think about other things than money. You should be immersed in a culture that allows you freedom of choice and doesn’t squash all your original ideas and creativity. It’s very important for you to be able to live your life as you see fit. You also need to have quite a bit of fun in your life. An all work, no play existence is just not sustainable for you.

Card 2, Mind: The Knight of Cups

The conscious mind. How you think, and how you manifest what you think in the world. The Poet. The Artist. The Romantic. Exploring. Trying out everything. In love with the world, in love with Love.

This is saying that you might like something that you still have a sense of romance about–something more artistic and creative–or a career that you think of almost in a romantic sense. I think you’re still trying on different hats and haven’t really decided which one you’d like to wear for the rest of your life. You know what, Azza? That’s okay. Maybe take another look at careers that stir up a certain depth of feeling–what you feel deeply and instinctively is the right one. The Knight of Cups also loves to party, loves to have a great time. So, whatever job you choose, it should give you lots of opportunities to socialize, to travel and to immerse yourself in the Arts.

Card 3, Spirit: The Knight of Wands

Highest Purpose. True Potential. Manifesting in accordance with your Higher Self. Taking what you’re already doing and moving into a different direction with it. Moving house, changing residence. Changing career paths. Mover and shaker. Dynamic creativity. Entrepreneurial skills. Music, Film, or Performance Industry.

Azza, you may be considering segueing into a different career path to something that allows you to take more control, or to be more extroverted. Or you may be thinking about moving into a different area of what you already do. For example, a Gothic musician currently performing in a band may decide to do a solo Witch House Techno project. See what I mean? The musician is still making music, but now he’s in a different genre. Or, that musician might decide to start a recording company. They might start managing other bands. But they’re still in the music industry.

In your case, you may decide to branch out, or consolidate in order to be more effective. Only you can decide! The key here is whether what you are doing is fulfilling, and part of that is about how effective and far-reaching your efforts are.

Whether you go off on your own, or join a group of other like-minded individuals, be sure you’re getting what you want out of the deal. Also, consider this; if you want to relocate to a particular destination, this may have a bearing on the career you pick to focus on. Try to make sure that you get what you want out of both: career and location.

Card 4, Crucial Insight: 8 of Pentacles, reversed

What’s most important to consider when making your choice. Done with school. I don’t want to do any more school. I need to do more school or get more training to do what I want to do and that may be difficult.

This is interesting, Azza. Do you feel that you need more training to do what you truly wish for a career? Or, are you just burnt out on school? I suspect that more training is needed, and you should make sure that it’s available wherever you think you may end up living. Or, you could try to find a way to gain those skills on your own.

The other thing to consider with the reversed 8 of Pentacles is that sometimes you have to go from the student world into the working world– even when you don’t feel that you have all the skills you need. You may have to learn by doing! And that’s the fun part of the journey!

Wrapping It Up

Enjoy it, revel in it! And create the career you want.

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