There seems to be an epidemic of people feeling trapped in inertia lately–as if all forward momentum in their lives has just stopped. Such is the case with this week’s reader, who wondered: I’m kinda stuck at this point and I want to know if there will there be progress in my life, and will anything specifically happen within the year?

Reader, let’s see what we can do. Today, I’m using a basic Past, Present, Future Spread, with the card on the bottom of the deck used to reveal Advice for the situation.

Card 1, The Past: 7 of Swords, reversed

Taking back something stolen or lost. Learning to trust yourself.

Because the upright 7 of Swords often has the connotation of “theft”, when this card is in its reversed position, I often see it as a reclaiming of that which we feel was stolen from us. That can be something tangible, like a car, or intangible and more abstract, like one’s motivation to be creative, or one’s ability to trust. So, Reader, it seems that you’ve been struggling to regain something you thought lost, and that is what is prompting your question today.

Card 2, The Present: 4 of Pentacles, reversed

Financial instability. Never enough. Afraid to take a risk. Can’t let go.

Sometimes we work so hard to achieve what we currently have, we’re terrified to make any big changes or take any risks that could lead to a more fulfilling life, for fear of losing everything. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat! You may need to be more frugal, plan more effectively, and be a little more daring. It’s time to start prying your fingers away from a safe, but unfulfilling life.

Card 3, The Future (Answer to your question): The Sun

Fulfillment, success. Freedom. Vacation! Good health, or healing energy. Creativity. Learning to appreciate your own talents. Warm, sunny places.

Reader, I’m happy to tell you that you can expect good times ahead! You may find success at your career endeavors, or go into a more creative direction. You may get a chance to take a break, possibly even going somewhere warmer and sunnier than what you’re used to at this time of year. In any case, you’ll be walking on the sunnier side of life. Enjoy!

Card 4, Advice For The Situation: The Fool

A Grand Adventure. A completely new and unfamiliar path or direction. Having great faith in yourself. A new Self emerges, ready for a new Journey. Childlike faith. Travel, sometimes over water, or even overseas.

The best strategy for you, Reader, is to adopt an attitude of faith and excitement about the new life you’re bringing into being. Trust in your own ability to create positive change in your own life! Travel and creative pursuits are things to look forward to in the coming year–but be ready to take some risks to make those things happen!

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