I’ve been reading Tarot for more than thirty years and reading professionally at Seattle’s Edge of the Circle Books for more than 15 years. My belief is that Tarot is best used for putting you in touch with your own subconscious, allowing you to make healthy decisions that can change your life for the better. My readings tend to be commonsensical, geared toward helping the client deal with issues and obstacles to wholeness in a way that brings a sense of self-empowerment.

In this weekly column, I’ll take you questions and perform a Tarot Reading just for you. You can submit your question using the form below. You can even submit questions anonymously!

This week’s Querent is Ken, whose question is: I’ve been at my job for five years. I used to love it, and I still love what I do, but I’m feeling burned out. I’ve been looking for a new job, but I don’t have any idea what to look for. Should I keep looking, or just stick with what I’m doing now?

Hi there, Ken!

Many people these days are finding themselves facing the same quandary. We find lucrative work, only to become burned out or disenchanted with either the work itself or the circumstances in which we must do that work. Sometimes, we simply feel that we are stuck in a holding pattern. We’re not learning new skills, we’re not stretching or challenging ourselves, and this can make us feel a bit bored and apathetic. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to decide whether it’s the job itself that we need to release, or whether it’s time to embark upon a new career path entirely.

Let’s see what the cards have to say about your situation.

After shuffling the deck and cutting it, I lay out all of the cards in the spread, then turn the whole deck over to note the card on the bottom of the stack. This card, for me, represents the “Feel” or the “Tone” of the Reading.

Tone: 2 of Swords, Reversed

Oftentimes, when the Two of Swords comes up in a reading, it’s pointing out the need to make a decision. That decision is often between two opposing or different things, such as two wildly different ways of life, or two different career paths, in your case. When the card is reversed, however, it may mean that you feel stuck in indecision. In fact, you may be hesitating to even make a choice, and may find yourself waiting for life or even The Universe to make a decision for you. You may find yourself thinking, “I’ll know when the right thing comes along”, or find yourself waiting for a sign that tells you what choice is the correct one. In other words, you’re reserving judgment until you feel safe or sure enough to do so.

On to the reading proper. I pulled six cards for this layout.

Card 1: Where You Are Now; The Star

The feeling I immediately received from the energy of this card regarding your situation is that you specialize in something. You may feel that there’s something important or unique that you’re here to do in this lifetime. Something or someone may have brought you to the realization that it’s time to do exactly that. There may be the welcome knowledge that things are finally getting better after a long drab or dark period in your life. And, sometimes, the Star may give you the feeling of being Divinely led onto the path you are destined to follow. Many people who get this card are flirting with taking a starring role in something, whether it’s performance or something that marks them out as The Star of their particular show, whatever the actual vocation may be. In your case, hope springs eternal. It’s not too late!

Card 2: Advice for the Situation; The Fool, Reversed

The Fool has the faith of a child who does not yet understand failure. This child sees a completely new path as a splendid adventure. How many adults can say that they look forward to doing something new and completely out of their comfort zone, as something to be relished as a splendid quest? Most adults have had that insatiable urge to just see what will happen squashed out of them quite early in life. So, we adults all may find ourselves in the situation you’re currently grappling with. When the Fool is reversed, it might be advising you to overcome a paralyzing fear of doing something foolish! It might be time to take a great leap of faith. Remember the words of Alexander the Great: Fortune favors the bold.

Believe in your own ability to create positive change in your own life.

Card 3: The Challenge You Must Face; The Empress, Reversed

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the Empress reversed in this spread was that your greatest challenge is to learn to value yourself and your creative ability. A word about creativity: Many people come to me and go on and on about how they’re not creative as if being Creative is some elite title that can only be given to people painting chapels in the Vatican or making hit albums. And then they tell me about all the non-creative things they do but don’t value. Things like being a Chef, a Hairstylist, a Games Designer, a Fashion Designer, a Landscaper, etc. It’s not about whether you’ve earned the right to consider yourself creative. In the case of a Reversed Empress, it’s about unblocking that creativity and finding a practical application for it.

Card 4: Positive Uses of Your Energy At This Time; King of Swords, Reversed

You may be thinking this issue to death! This is over thinking, squared. You might be too rigid in your ideas about what you should and shouldn’t do or about what’s acceptable as a line of work. Relax. Think out of the box! Maybe it’s time to use that ability you have to communicate effectively. Don’t stifle yourself. And, if you’re in the tech industry, it might be time to look for something that nourishes your soul rather than sucking it dry.

Card 5; More Positive Actions; 4 of Wands

In my experience, the 4 of Wands heralds a celebration after a great deal of hard work. What that actually means in today’s world is that a whole lot of work has to be done to reach a certain milestone in your life. Once that’s done, celebrate and move on to the next level in your development. Examples: one’s first art show; one’s first novel or poetry chapbook; one’s first published role-playing game. It’s time to make your mark in the world.

Card 6: The Crucial Insight; 6 of Cups.

Here’s how to know what career path to take: What are you nostalgic about? What did you want to do as a kid or a teenager? What is it you wanted to do that made you feel: I was born to do this! That is the path that would make you happiest and most fulfilled. Also, with the 6 of Cups and The Empress Reversed in a spread, you might want to think about either being a parent, working with kids, or “birthing” a project of your own.

Wrapping It Up:

You may have had ideas about what you’d really like to do with your life, but because of the societal urge to be responsible, you may have put those dreams on hold because you thought they were too unrealistic.

Here’s what I recommend. Do some research and see what it takes to get you from where you are to where you’d like to be. Then start moving toward that goal in a way that feels safe to you. It doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you progress, just as long as you move.

You GO!

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