Relocating. Moving. It seems like just about everyone is doing it, or is contemplating it. Why? Ridiculously high increases in the cost of living, need for a simpler life, and sometimes, as this week’s reader considers, family obligations. Here’s what they asked:

By spring of next year, I’m going to move. Maybe sooner. Either way, a move is coming. I want to know how my life will be impacted if I choose to remain in California for another year versus, or choose to leave the state after I am done with school. I don’t even know where I’ll be going, but getting insight about the impact should I delay the move will be very helpful.

Hi, Reader! It sounds as if you’re pretty clear about what your priorities are, and what your reasons for the move are–family. I’m using a very straightforward Three Card Spread signifying Past, Present and Future, with an additional card drawn for Advice.

Let’s get started.

Card 1, The Past: Strength

Will, willpower. Taming the beast within: conquering it with love, and making it your ally.

Reader, you may have described yourself as a Pollyanna, but the truth is that your love for your family is a source of strength. In the past, you may have done things you’d thought nearly impossible, because you did those things for your family. By the same token, you love the field you’re going into, and have used a lot of perseverance to get through school. At times, you may have felt like you were fighting an uphill battle, but you’ve always had a strong will when you believe in what you’re doing. Your ability to master your weaknesses and turn them into assets gives you the power to achieve your goals.

Card 2, The Present: 9 of Swords, reversed

The need to let go of too many worries. Feeling besieged. Feeling guilty over things that aren’t your fault. Too hard on yourself!

There may be so many sources of stress for you right now that you feel figuratively “attacked”. You may be searching for ways to get out of a situation that only seems to create more and more stress by the day. Add to that, an Inner Critic from Hell (you should get in touch with your Inner Cheerleader, right away!) and life can become downright nightmarish. Your quandary? Which stressors are worth it, and which ones aren’t and can be eliminated. Oh, but that’s not all! You may also be fighting the urge to give into guilt tripping, whether it’s from external sources or that pesky Inner Critic.

Ace of Swords

Card 3, Future/The Answer to Your Question: Ace of Swords

A Herculean effort to achieve a goal pays off in a big way. Concentrated effort. All resources used to achieve something important. Singleness of purpose.

Reader, I suspect that in the end, you’ll move. Though it may be a big hassle, that move will result in the beginnings of real success. You may be helping your family, but your career goals may also come to fruition in ways you hadn’t even imagined. The Ace of Swords brings new plans and new approaches to old, confounding problems that can now be resolved successfully. Give it a shot.

Card 4, Advice for the situation: 2 of Pentacles, reversed

Juggling way too much! Need to simplify your life. Do one thing or the other. Stretched too thin.

The advice for this reading is this: at this time your life may be too complicated and too busy. Now, it’s a good idea to slow down! The simple life beckons, and you should consider making your life a bit easier to live. Figure out what’s really important, and drop the rest.


Wrapping It Up

Reader, though a part of you may thrive on the fast paced life you’ve been living, it seems that your chances for fulfillment, success and happiness may lie in a less busy, less worrisome, and less scattered living situation. Following your heart, including the love you have for your family, may bring you the joy and peace of mind you’re seeking.

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