You finally got the guy of your dreams, and everything seems great! Wait, that can’t be right. What’s wrong with this picture?

Once in a while, good things happen for us. Because we’re so used to expecting the worst, it can be very difficult to accept our good fortune! So, we question it constantly.

This week, Vera asked: Will I have a happy fulfilling life full of love and happiness with the man I am in love with?

Vera, I have the pleasure of giving you very good news; a reading full of positivity, at a time, when I think we could all use it. I used a simple Three Card, Past, Present, and Future Spread to answer your question. I also checked the card on the bottom of the stack as an Advice Card for the Situation.

Here we go.

Card 1, The Past: 4 of Pentacles

Stability, security. Being conservative with how you “spend” your energy. Investment. Holding on for dear life.

Vera, in the recent past you might have been very concerned with how stable and secure you felt in this relationship. You may have felt, possibly for the first time, like you just might be on solid ground, and in a position to invest emotionally in your relationship with your partner. You might have begun to consider the possibility of building a real future: getting a new place together, joining forces with your partner to reach other material goals, and setting parameters around the relationship that establish your permanence as a couple.

If you didn’t feel secure, however, you might have started withholding affection or much emotional energy out of a fear of getting hurt. That kind of worry may have put you in a somewhat untenable position; not trusting the relationship to work out, but being unable to let go and move on.

I suspect, from the information revealed by the rest of the cards in this spread that your situation has been a combination of both scenarios.

Card 2, Present: 7 of Swords, reversed

The perpetrator, or the thief is revealed. An apology. Getting your own back. Making a full-on effort to trust, after the ability to trust has been damaged. Needing to trust in self, trust one’s instincts. Conversely, need to stop lying to self. This one of those “tricky cards”! What I mean by that is that the 7 of Swords can seem a bit sinister, so folks view it with the side-eye as if it automatically heralds something “bad” when it shows up in a spread. In the Olden Days, this card had the connotation of theft or dishonesty, and usually came with a warning: if you don’t trust someone, or think you’re being misled, you should probably trust your instincts.

This is probably a good time to talk about reversed cards. Many times, a reversed card describes the opposite meaning of the same card in its upright aspect. Thus, the 7 of Swords, reversed might be urging you to trust yourself, trust your own instincts—don’t get hung up on the inner mental tape playing that keeps telling you how all you’re doing is fooling yourself. Instead, open up!

This card may also mean that if you and your partner have had a recent kerfuffle, an apology is either imminent, or people realize that saying “sorry” is the best way to heal a rift between them.

The Magician

Card 3, Most Likely Pattern of the Future: Magician, reversed

The Trickster. Not communicating. Lack of inner independence. Dependent on another for fulfillment. Not trusting, always reading between the lines. Abusing personal power.

When one gets the Magician reversed, there’s often a caution to watch out for folks who are hucksters—folks that force you to take everything they say with a wheel barrel of salt.

What modifies this rather negative take on the reading is the positioning of this card in the Spread. It falls in the position which describes the pattern you are most likely to fulfill in the future, based on the way you’ve handled things in the past. There’s a lot of advice in this card if you look at it as a warning of what not to do!

You might get away from it all, and try to view the relationship more objectively. Take an Action vs. Words inventory. In other words, don’t focus so much on what he says (or doesn’t say), look at his actions. That’s where you’ll find the truth.

And finally, the presence of this card may be reminding you that it’s time to embrace your own emotional independence, and not let yourself become reliant on another’s esteem to feel whole and complete. Don’t be one of those ladies waiting by the phone. By using your own personal power in positive and creative ways, you bring more to the relationship. Be yourself, be happy!

Card 4, Advice: The Chariot

Go for it! Victory after a struggle. Single-mindedness. Focus. Clear road ahead to fulfilling a goal. Two people headed in the same direction; teamwork.

Wrapping It Up

Vera, the advice the Tarot has for you today is simple: proceed ahead with confidence. Focus on the goals you share with your partner, and move towards those goals unerringly.

If you do this, you have every chance of a happy future!

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