So, you’ve met the perfect woman, she’s totally piqued your interest. Maybe you go out with her a few times. She seems receptive to your advances, and you find yourself wondering if the connection you have will become something more lasting, more permanent. Will a relationship with this person work out?

This week’s anonymous reader laid their cards on the table this week (pun intended) with this question: I am interested in a girl. Am I going to stay with her?

This is a fairly simple, straightforward question, so a simple, straightforward spread is useful here; a basic three card, Past, Present and Future Layout, with the card on the bottom of the stack designated as Advice for the Situation.

Here we go.

Card 1, The Recent Past: 3 of Swords

Heartbreak. Separation. A rift between two people because of a third-party, or other factors such as distance, habits, lifestyle, etc. Hurt feelings. Triangular relationships.

You may have experienced pain from a recent breakup, and may now be on the rebound. Failed relationships may have plagued you in the past, and made it harder for you trust that the right person would come along. Many people struggle with letting go of past relationships when they had no sense of closure, and of course, that makes it harder to get back into the dating pool. If you’ve been crushed by infidelity, or even been caught up in it, it seems you’re recovering quickly. Kudos to you for getting back on the horse!

Card 2, The Present: 3 of Pentacles, reversed

Not giving it your all. Not making much of an effort. Lack of attention to detail. Not committed. Feeling “unqualified”. Feeling you don’t measure up.

Anon, because you’re not sure things will work out with your lady, you may find yourself holding back, making half-hearted overtures that seemingly go nowhere. Because of painful relationships in your past, you may tell yourself that you don’t quite have what it takes to make the relationship work. You may even doubt your ability to get your lady friend to take you seriously as a suitor. What’s needed here is a commitment to action!

Card 3, The Immediate Future: Strength

Courage. Passion. Vitality. You get more bees with honey, than with vinegar. Able to be loving and caring. Passionate, loving relationships.

Good news, Anon! Go for it. There seems to be every chance that this new relationship could last, if you just give it a chance. In fact, it could be an extraordinarily intense and romantic relationship, so be sweet, be loving, and let her know how you feel! Have faith that things will work out beautifully!

Card 4, Advice: The Sun

Healing, or good health. Sun, summer. Freedom. Clarity. Enjoyment. Creativity. Success! Let there be Light!

Wrapping It Up

Anon, the best strategy for you is to remember that dating is supposed to be FUN. Have a great time, and remember to be creative in coming up with activities for you and your intended. Then, relax and bask in the light of love. And let that light be your guide.

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