Sometimes, we find ourselves living in a state of indefinable worry and stress, with no real understanding of what the source of our trepidation actually is. Where are our fears coming from? All we know is that we’re constantly afraid that something is going to go wrong. It’s exhausting!

This week’s reader appears to be familiar with the phenomenon when asking: Tell me what I need to know. I don’t have a specific question as there are all areas of my life that I need clarification on. I feel always in a state of high anxiety over the well-being of my family. It’s all I have and all I care about.

To answer this question, I used the Star Spread, which is useful for analyzing questions like this one. It provides advice for the situation, as well as pointing out challenges we may face and positive ways to overcome those challenges.

Here we go.

Ace of Swords

Card 1, Where your head is at: Ace of Swords

Time to make a Herculean effort to achieve a specific goal. All or nothing. Jumping through a lot of hoops with the idea that all your efforts will pay off. Overcoming obstacles and adversity. Sometimes, a big move– literally or figuratively!

You may feel that the time is now to make a huge personal effort that could lead to the success and happiness of your family members. What you’re attempting to achieve may seem especially daunting, but you’re determined! A major effort puts you over the top.

Card 2, The wisest thing to do at this time: The Tower

Radical change. Tearing something down to its foundations to rebuild anew, whether that’s your lifestyle or your perceptions about yourself or a particular situation. Relocation. A huge shift.

Like the 80’s band The Cars would say, “Shake it up!” If you’ve been thinking about completely remaking your life into something new, now is the time to start planning. Chances are, you can read the writing on the wall and are aware that big world-shifting changes are coming. This is the time to figure out where and how you want to land. Don’t let yourself be buffeted and beaten the winds of change, soar on those winds like Jonathan Livingston Seagull to greater heights than you ever imagined. Go for it!

The Magician

Card 3, The challenge you must face: The Magician

Independence. Will, willpower. “Because, I said so.” Doing it your way. Individuality, individualism. Original ideas. Mastery of a skill. Using your ability to communicate as a primary skill in your work. Using your talents and special abilities in the way you feel that they’re supposed to be used.

Reader, you have the power to make the changes you want, but you need to remember that! Use your will to decide what changes need to happen, and then follow through. Put your plans into action. Communicate; let your family members know what you need!

Card 4, Positive uses of your energy: The Chariot

Full speed ahead! Channel all your resources towards one goal. Determined. Driven.

This is a time to get very, very focused. All of your energy must go towards achieving your goals. Get both your horses going in one direction, not fifteen! Don’t stop until you succeed.

Card 5, Queen of Pentacles, reversed

Need for more self-love. Put yourself first for now. “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, so make Mama happy all the time!”. Need for a better environment.

Reader, this may be one of those times that you need to remember to take better care of yourself! You’re not going to be much good to anyone if you’re miserable. Try allowing your family to give back and care for you! It may also be a matter of prime importance to get your living situation together. You need sanctuary, not just a roof over your head. The two are not synonymous.

Card 6, The crucial insight. Page of Swords

Deadlines, either personal or imposed from an outside source. Bills, bills, bills! Notices and messages we’re not crazy about seeing. Upsetting conversation or communication. Different communication styles cause hurt feelings and disagreements. A need to think everything through.

First of all, Reader, you might consider that some of the internal deadlines you set for yourself would be next to impossible for anyone to meet: cut yourself a break and give yourself about twice as much time as you think you’ll need to achieve your goals for yourself and your family. Try to watch the overly harsh inner dialogue.

Additionally, If you’re finding that conversations between you and your family members are fraught with misunderstandings and hurt feelings, try to remember that tact and diplomacy on all sides may be the way to reach middle ground.

In any case, thinking things through before taking action is the key.

Wrapping It Up

Reader, many of your anxieties seem to come from an awareness that things are changing, and that you must embrace those changes, rather than resisting them out of a fear of the unknown. Carve out a new existence for yourself and your family– one that brings fulfilling and happiness.

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