These days it’s not uncommon for us to find ourselves enmeshed in financial and personal difficulties so complicated and stress-inducing that we can feel as if we’re attempting to navigate the Labyrinth while being pursued by an enraged Minotaur.

Anon’s situation reflected this modern reality: “I’m in a difficult spot personally, financially, and in the extended aftermath of a difficult long-term relationship without any romantic attachment. And have been for a number of years. I need help finding a path out. What do the cards say for me? Is there a central way to address this? A flaw I need to fix before I can move on in a more positive path? Is there something I can do to make it better or do I wait it out? Much of it seems intractable or out of my control. What can I do to help myself and my loved ones while dealing with this difficult period in my life? Is there a brighter horizon? I’m feeling very tired right now although I keep putting in good effort.”

Anon, I brought up the ancient Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur for a reason. You, like Theseus, may enter the Labyrinth to slay your financial and personal monsters, but you need the golden thread of Ariadne, Theseus’ beloved, to mark a path to get out in one piece! Lacking an Ariadne, you’ll need to find your own way. That’s what the spread I’m casting for you today is about.

Let’s see what the cards have to say.

Card 1, The Beginning of Your Journey: 9 of Wands

Stay the course. Keep on keepin’ on.

As weary and battered as you feel, you are still persevering towards your goals with the unshakable knowledge that if you keep marching along, eventually you will reach your destination. Your path seems fraught with all sorts of dangerous situations, both financial and personal, and the only ways open to you seem to be to grin and bear it. With the 9 of Wands in your spread, you may also need to look at the hidden, or what is not obvious.

Card 2, Your Guide: The Queen of Swords, reversed

Self-love is the best path for you at this time! As a result of your bruised feelings, you may not have been feeling your best. You may have forgotten your own worth, and need to remember all of the beautiful, positive things you bring to the table. It may be time for a bit of a makeover! Pamper yourself, and treat yourself like you deserve to be cherished, admired and loved unconditionally.

Here’s some homework for you. Make yourself a candlelit meal at home. Relax in a bubble bath. Treat yourself to a new outfit. Do things for yourself that reinforce the idea that you are beautiful and you deserve it! And, if you don’t feel all that gorgeous, get thee to the spa, post haste!

Ace of Swords

Card 3, The Minotaur, Or Your Inner Beast That Must Be Vanquished: Ace of Swords, reversed

Too much scattered energy. Engaged in a power struggle. Trying too hard.

Anon, your inner beastie may be trying to teach you the lesson of focus. Don’t let others distract you from your purpose. Make that Herculean effort to achieve your goals and it will pay off! By the same token, beware of using too much force to make a point, or to get the upper hand with someone. It’s not worth it! You should stay focused on your goals right now, which is finding your way through the maze to new personal and financial safety.

Card 4, Halfway through the Labyrinth: The Tower, reversed

Have you considered that you don’t have to tear your whole life down in order to make meaningful changes in your life? You may be thinking of using an ax, when what you really need is a scalpel. Be mindful of what you cut out of your life. Try not to burn any bridges. On another level, this card in its reversed aspect signals internal upheaval. Don’t fight it! Be gentle, and recognize that the quaking you feel is from within, and when the dust settles, you’ll be a more authentic version of yourself.

Card 5, The End of the Journey: The Knight of Swords

Act in your own defense! Be your own advocate! You are no-one’s doormat, nor are you powerless in your financial situation. Get proactive about making sure any decisions made are in your best interests. This is no time to be over-cautious, or to rush ahead in a panic. Look before you leap– but then, when you’ve assessed the situation– move forward with purpose and precision.

Card 6, The Golden Thread, or That Which Helps You Find Your Way: The Queen of Pentacles

Bone-deep practicality in all material matters. Pragmatism. Down-to-Earth solutions. All the things that make life worth living; a good home, good food, friends, family either blood or spiritual. Taking good care of yourself. Self-love and self-nurturing.

Anon, what leads you from the terrifying confusion of the Labyrinth is the ability to love and care for yourself—first. You may be the type to put everyone’s needs before your own, but at this time, I’d like to ask you to cease and desist! Right now, you’re going to need all your energy, and the support of your loved ones is extremely important as well, so don’t isolate yourself from those who offer a helping hand or a listening ear.

You have the ability to find the most practical ways to resolve your situation and find your way to the light. Tap into that, and free yourself!

Wrapping It Up

Anon, your situation may be daunting, but I have no doubt that you will find your way through. Your tenacity shows that you will, and by using your ability to be practical and patient, by seizing opportunities when they come your way, and by staying focused on your goals, you’ll succeed and find wholeness and happiness at the end of the Labyrinth.

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