Ah, the Soul Mate. That rare, elusive creature that most of us search for endlessly, hoping that one day, we’ll be very, very fortunate to find. That, somehow, true romantic love will find us and win the day.

Unfortunately, they seem to be notoriously hard to find. (Did I mention rare?)

There’s an amazing amount of mythology around Soul Mates. On one hand, Soul Mates may simply be people who suit each other very well; on the other hand, the definition may include people who have met during Past Lives or are cosmically destined for each other.

Which leads us to this week question from Anonymous, who asks: Is there romantic love for me, a soul mate?

Let’s see what the Tarot has to say, Anon! For this question, I used a Past, Present and Future Layout, with a fourth card chosen for Advice.

On to the reading proper.

Card 1. Past influences: 3 of Pentacles

Anon, the 3 of Pentacles in a Love Reading may indicate that in the past, you’ve focused more on a certain wish for perfection in your mates. You may have experienced a relationship or observed one that seemed perfect, where both partners were equally committed to growth and shared common goals. As a result, you may idealize relationships where both partners function virtually as one, a unit. Teamwork may be very important to you. You may have fixed upon the sort of connection that can be built upon, with both partners always striving to improve the relationship as a whole.

So, part of your struggle now may be about trying to match that past perfection, which can be very, very difficult. Part of the problem is that there’s really no such thing as a perfect relationship–but there may be a perfect relationship for you.

Sometimes, however, when we’re lonely, we bury ourselves in work. You may have been so focused that, until lately, you haven’t had much time for relationships (or anything else) at all!

Finally, be careful of perfectionism when it regards you or your partner. Too much of that, and you can become stuck in a pattern of dread and relief; success brings a temporary sense of safety and contentment, but then constantly trying to fix what’s wrong can have partners walking on eggshells. Don’t nitpick!

Card 2. Present Influences: The Empress, reversed

First of all, Anon, when this card falls reversed, it’s almost certain that it’s time to really take a look in the mirror and remember to love what you see. You may not be feeling your best, and you may need nurturing and comfort. Without a partner, you should endeavor to provide these things for yourself. In other words, treat yourself like you deserve to be loved! Remember how truly beautiful you are and start treating yourself accordingly! If you’re not feeling your best, do the things that will help you get there.

Treat yourself! Don’t wait for someone else to take you to dinner. Light some candles and have a romantic meal at home. Get gussied up and Leave The House! Go out and meet people!

It might be time for a makeover so that you can fall in love with yourself again. It’s time to remember what you’re worth!

As for your living space, have you considered making it ready for a love relationship? It may be time to create a sanctuary for romance–a real love nest.

Card 3. What The Future Holds: Page of Swords, reversed

Okay, Anon, hold your horses. If you give yourself internal deadlines like, “I must meet my Soul Mate in six months,” then give up, and then follow that with a lot of negative self-talk about why you’ll never meet that person of your dreams… well, that’s a recipe for failure. Here’s what to do instead. Be patient. Be patient with Spirit, and be patient with yourself and the people who you meet when you’re Leaving the House.

Again, it is very important to shush that mean-spirited inner critic, lest the discouraging comments it makes develop into a self-fulfilling prophecy! Be open to those new people you meet when you’re Leaving the House. Your inner critic can be rather judgmental of others, too. Give people a chance!

Card 4. Positive Uses of Your Energy At This Time: 8 of Swords, reversed

What a delightful card to show up in this reading! The message is very clear: what you must do to find the love you’re searching for is cease coming up with reasons you can’t have it! That’s right. You simply need to overcome your fears–of being hurt, of the unknown–and go for it! You may have once felt bound, but now you are free to explore and experience the joy of meeting people again.


Wrapping It Up

Anon, the immediate future brings opportunities to meet the right people, but only if you give yourself and others a chance. Loving and appreciating yourself is the first step. Have fun with your search, have faith in yourself and have faith in Love.

And, err… Leave the house!

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