Sometimes it’s difficult to separate issues. We have too many things we want to know about, too many things weighing heavily on our minds. In those cases, two (or more) questions end up being submitted for the same reading. This calls for a spread that can handle more than one question at a time.

This week’s reader tells us: Recently, I was able to get my vice president sponsorship to apply for a rotational program. Interviews for the program are being held now. Will I be selected for an interview? If interviewed, Will I be hired for the rotation program at work? Also, I have been having strained relationship with my sister. Much of this strain is from conflicts about personal beliefs and politics. After our last get together for my father’s birthday, I have not spoken to my sister. Will we ever be able to repair our relationship? Does she even want to repair it?

To answer both these questions in the same spread, I did a four card Elements Spread, designating Earth for Money and Job Matters, Air for Communications, Fire for Action, and Water for Emotions.

Let’s get started.

Card 1: 2 of Pentacles

Earth: work, money, house or home, material concerns. The physical body.

Money and Job Matters: Juggling act. Working two jobs, or feeling like you’re working two (or more) jobs. Working and going to school. Living in two places. Two sources of income.

With this card in the spread, I’d expect you to be looking at either working and going back to school or training–or contemplating doing a job that requires a lot of multitasking. The 2 of Pentacles would indicate the ability to juggle a lot of different tasks and duties. However, it would seem that you manage it almost effortlessly. This is good for someone who expects to be doing on the job training.

Card 2: 10 of Wands

Air: All communications, phone calls, letters, email, texts, faxes, mass communications and/ or personal. What you read or watch. Conversations.

Communications: The burden of success. Heavy burdens. Running up that hill. Many duties, many responsibilities, many obligations. What you may be talking about. Bills, obligations, duties. How much do you really need on your plate?

Whose weight are you carrying? The presence of the 10 of Wands in this spread could talk about a couple of different things. You may have heard through the grapevine that the job’s going to be a terrific amount of work. If this refers to the relationship you have with your sister, it may mean that you carry all the weight for whether the relationship fails or not on your shoulders. If a conversation went badly you may carry most of the guilt, whether you deserve it or not.

Card 3: 9 of Wands

Fire: Will. Physical energy, and where you’re directing it. Conflict.

Action: Keep on keepin’ on. Nose to the grindstone. Laboring endlessly with the conviction that if you just stick with it, things will work out. Tenacity. Not feeling emotionally safe in current circumstances, yet toiling on for a better future.

You’re kind of awesome! You have the stamina of a bull. Once you’ve made up your mind about what you want, nothing can deter you from achieving that goal. So you keep working, day in, day out until you receive your reward. This card promises that if you stick to that strategy, you’ll succeed.

Card 4: The Tower, reversed

Water: emotional energy. The subconscious. Dreams, hunches, inner knowledge.

This card almost certainly deals with the relationship you have with your sister. Talk about feeling like you’re in a pressure cooker! There are so many buried feelings under the surface, feelings of what you perceive as being “wrong” with the relationship, that it’s no wonder that relations with your sister are somewhat explosive. The fact that The Tower is reversed tells me all those volatile feelings are deeply hidden, but toxic. At some point y’all need to clear the air. Talk about the stuff you keep not saying. Otherwise you’ll be locked in stalemate. Forever.

Wrapping it up:

Reader, I get the feeling that you’ll eventually get the position you want, though maybe not the first time you apply for it.It may just be that there’s a lot of waiting and hoops to jump through. However, don’t give up. Staying power is what matters here. Keep at it, and you’ll get the job you want.

As for your sister, the same applies. You will have to be the one who does the heavy lifting. But if you do that, your patience and generosity of spirit will pay off. Hang in there!

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